Welcome back BYU Basketball

Seems like ages since we talked basketball. BYU opens its official camp this week with a live stream of the 1st practice.

Also announced the Legends Classic to be played on Dec 2-3 with 3 teams that BYU has never done well against and a true test of where BYU stands.

can’t wait. And when was the last time BYU had great football/basketball programs at the same time?

Did not realize that we had 12 new people on the team…
For some reason, I thought we had more returning…

Excited to see what they can do.

2 big questions about the team…With last year’s unit, they had played for decades together, just how will newbies play in a Pope system?

Last year, BYU was guard centric, we lead the nation in 3 point shooting and makes. This season, BYU is BIG, as in, may be the tallest team in college and the ball has to go inside. BYU has not had this kind of size since the Ainge years. So we will see an entirely different type of ball.

I expect to see a lot of growth pains to begin the season.

We will go inside but some of the big men can shoot the 3 too. Should be interesting.

Jesse Wade may be the best shotmaker on the roster. Wade hit five or six threes in a row spanning 20 minutes of team portion. If healthy, I think Wade can be a difference maker for this team. I was surprised, however, to see him running with the scout team at the end of practice. I expect him to find a role this season. https://www.si.com/college/byu/news/takeaways-from-byu-basketball-practice

Coach Burgess also mentioned him along with AB as great shooters.

Gonzaga doesn’t play BYU, the only other obvious NCAA Tournament caliber team in the conference this year, until after both of the Zags’ bye dates.

Lots of Zag alums here, many who do not much care for BYU, so it was nice to see a commentator has upgraded BYU to an expected NCAA Dance Team.

Not likely, Wade is to BYU basketball as Jimmer was to the NBA. Offenses will go right through, over around him. Too slow, too small.

I like Wade and if we get the right team to play, I could see him getting good minutes but really, Wade defending big guards is not going to happen. AB and BA are both elite defenders for BYU, Wade is challenged. That kinda sums things up.

What does that say about the WCC? Homers for Bulldogs…won’t save them in the Marriott.

What do you mean Gonzaga doesn’t play BYU. In league they do.

as for pg this year clearly AB and BA will be getting most of the minutes. I suspect slightly less than TJ and AB last year for two reasons. First, neither of them is TJ and second Wade and Erickson are the future, Wade is a sophomore and Erickson is a frosh, they will be the pg’s for the next two or three years barring further injury or a better talent.

I expect that Erickson and Wade will together get just over 20 minutes or so between them, and as you indicated most of their time will be against weaker teams.

Looking at how Few used the Freshman PG Wade on a Sweet 16 team, that pretty much lines up.

The quote is from KREM Spokane, a homer station, they know more about Gonzaga bball than most places, kind of like KSL or Deseret News.
So yes truly homers…but they do know the WCC better than most of the national pontificators…and they have changed their tune re BYU Cougars.