Welcome to the new CougarFan Discussion Boards

Cougar Fans,

Rise and shout, the new CougarFan boards are out. All good things, including Jimmer’s time at BYU, must come to an end. And so it is with the old CougarFan discussion boards. But with the new boards come some great new additions, just like Kieffer Longson committing to the football team.

And now for the best part of the new boards: First and foremost, they are mobile friendly. That’s right, you don’t have to wait until you’re home on your desktop to start a discussion; the lunchroom and your phone will suffice.

So why the change? We understand that change can be difficult and frustrating, Tyler Haws come back soon, but there are two main reasons for discontinuing the old boards.

First, we could no longer enhance the user experience on the old boards because the technology they were built on was extremely old.

Second, the interface used out-dated web technologies (such as frames). This was another huge barrier to improving the discussion boards, especially the mobile experience.

All this means that on Dec. 31, 2014, the legacy CougarFan discussions boards will be discontinued, just like the ill-fated “Tradition, Spirit, Honor” uniform. But we want you all to set a New Year’s resolution to come back to CougarFan often and join in the discussion.

We are committed to providing the best experience for you, and your feedback is highly valuable to us so we can continue to improve and grow the best BYU Cougar site in the world. Please send any comments or feedback to [email protected].

Happy Holidays, and Go Cougars.

Hello everyone. I Love Cougarfan.com! I have been trying to get a byu cougar football fanpage started on facebook. Here is the link. I’d love to have you join us.

I’d be happy to join you. CougarFan.com already has a fan page with close to 45,000 fans already. https://www.facebook.com/cougarsports?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser

I’ve noticed that the CougarFan.com facebook page is using information out of the new forums too.

I loved the old Cougarfan board. I do not like this one. I was 100% loyal to the old Cougarfan board.

Now, I would rather go to the Cougar Board.com Even that one today is not as good as the Old Cougarfan board,

Some times old is better than new. Used is better than new. Old comfortable routines are better than new unproven ones. Old tennis shoes are better that new stiff leather shoes. The old Cougarfan board is better than the new cougarfan board. Please go back to what was excellent for our needs, This format does not work for our needs.

I just tried to create a New Topic on NCAA Basketball Tournament Seedings/Selections and when I tried to post my comment a message came up on the screen saying, “you are not permitted to read this resource.” It wouldn’t let me post my comment.What the …??? I try to follow an email sent to me by this Board and I get reprimanded and disallowed to post my comment in the New Topic category. WHY?

So why do your cancel posts/subjects after 30 minutes without any response? To me, as done on the old Board, I would find an old post (beyond 30 minutes), or even beyond 30 days and it would tick my interest and I would post a reply to said post. Why the 30 minute rule? Who made this rule? You, Mr. Cougarfan.com?

I got your answer Russ, but no reason WHY?

My answer to what?

Too bad that the “new” CF.Com Board is so lame. I still don’t get the sixty minute response rule that you geeks dreamed up. Very few people look at all of the posts every hour. So if a post isn’t seen after sixty minutes you clowns kill any possibility to respond to it. WHY? You never gave a satisfactory answer, WHY! It’s just like BYU and the Big 12 HYPE.

After the whooping that BYU took at Michigan, why does CF.com show a picture of Taysom Hill on the newspaper stories front page? What a bunch of dopes.

Dear cougarfan.com. If nobody has posted on this place on the board since my last post last September 15, last year, why is this stupid message still on the Board? Where is the logic? Is it that there aren’t enough posts or responses on this Board that the administrators of this thing want to keep some posts here forever to keep this dm Board open?

Just because of mobility. It sounds like BYU leaving the MWC for “exposure.” Well, our football team has been fully “exposed” as a bad team in 2017. I wonder what BYU’s records is in say basketball on non-BYU TV. I bet we have a losing record.