Well I think Tom is right....again

So, then they should come to BYU and immediately start instead of maybe never playing. Backwards thinking my friend. Tell them if they are all they think they are they will start.

The question then becomes would you want to start immediately at a dumpster fire or go somewhere else where your skills might be honed better.

That is up to the player himself. I sometimes wonder how a career might have changed for the better had the athlete decided to attend BYU. Take Jonathan (JT) Mapu, for example. Twenty years ago he was a heralded defensive tackle at Kahuku High School. Good athlete, strong testimony: He seemed like a natural fit for BYU. Instead, he signs with Tennessee. He plays his freshman year, goes on a mission, returns to Tennessee for his final three years but never starts. He ends his career with 10 tackles and 1 sack. I remember reading an article near the end of his senior year where he expressed gratitude for being a Volunteer and making the right choice to go to Knoxville even though he never started. He seemed to be happy, but I know he would have had a much better career at BYU.

I found this article last night on DesNews and thought it was interesting in the point of view of how Sitake side steps things.

But he does make an interesting point that he takes notes throughout the year, then reviews the notes at the end when he talks to his players and coaches.

BYU football: Will 6-5 Cougars have new defensive coaches next season? - Deseret News

Is that a guarantee? I remember Jim voicing concerns that Mendenhall was not using thier best Linebacker during the season. As it turns out, Jim was correct, because the best Lineback on that team was Kyle Van Noy who sat the first part of the season.

High School players are lot more in tune with what college schemes are and how they can fit into it. Unless Kalani does an overhaul of his defensive schemes, he is going to lose good players (and no, it is not because of the honor code). They just lost the Timpview kid (Spano) who brother plays on the defense. He had BYU as his “final 4” but he replaced BYU with Clemson this week.

Before you poo-poo this comment, think about this in the last seven years how many defensive players from BYU has actually made an NFL team (Two that I can think of). Now compare that to the number of defensive players Utah has put into the NFL (around 10).

good point, HS Kids are likely to put colleges in 3 categories:

1- Which School is going to get me what I want. NIA Money, a shot a the NFL. This is 100% true of all Elite players. It does apply to BYU at certain positions, such a QB. BYU has never been that kind of destination and its doubtful that we will anytime soon.

2- I want to play close to home and to a lesser extent, my religion. BYU’s sweet spot for highly rated players.

3- I’m not that good and received one P5 offer with a ton of mid major offers. BYU usually gets these type of players, there are late bloomers out there that BYU has been very good at getting, such as an Algiere or van noy.

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Good post. BYU may never approach the NIA money; but if BYU wants to compete in the Big 12, it has to show recruits that playing at the Y gives them a great shot to actually be drafted and to play in the NFL.

I would put Van Noy in category 1 rather than category 3. He was rated the 63 best linebacker in the nation out of high school and had a ton of offers (Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, BYU, San Diego State, UNLV, Nevada, and Boise State, while Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington, Washington, Clemson and Nebraska showed recruiting interest). If I recall correctly, he really wanted to play for Bronco and felt BYU would be a place to get his life in order. You may recall that Bronco delayed Van Noy’s his entrance to BYU a year because of honor code problems Van Noy had his high school senior year.

remember well, In this day and age, don’t know that he would wait for a year but boy am I glad. His single handedly destroying SDSU made him a sure draft pick. Total domination.

Yea, coaches do that today, “Transfer Portal”…

Van Noy had a dui between high school and college. Bronco told Van Noy that he’d release him from his commitment so he could sign elsewhere without sitting out if he wanted, but he’d have to sit a year if he came to BYU. KVN decided to stay and prove himself

Is this the same KVN that has honed out a very successful NFL career?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The love of money is showing up in some of our athletes. Hard work and competition lack. However, those who have left may find themselves out of playing time where they go.