Well I think Tom is right....again

You may have hoticed that Floyd made a post that was locked because it was uncategorized…(that “feature” needs to be disabled). Anyway, I thought I would copy and paste his post and restart his thread:



Well, I think it was Tom who posted it anyways.

Who would want to commit to BYU as a defensive lineman with our current scheme?

We lost a 3 star defensive lineman Stan Raass who was committed to BYU but then switched to Utah.this past week.

His father played for BYU

Recruiting: 3-star DL Stanley Raass flips commitment from BYU to Utah - Deseret News

BoiseCougar Add: I’m surprised more haven’t already decommitted but expect others in the next two weeks…

Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds an acorn, but this one seemed pretty obvious to me.

It seems like ANY DL who watches BYU play or can read sports-reference.com should think twice about BYU. Just to make sure, I decided to actually check out the numbers:

Among BYU’s Defensive Linemen:
2022: John Nelson leads BYU D-linemen this year with 2 sacks. T-W-O.
2021: Batty led the entire team with 3.5, Leiataua had 2.5 and no one else had more than 1.5.
(Note: Batty is our best DL and averages 2 tackles per game for his career, much less sacks).
2020: Batty with 4. Even future NFL DT Khyiris Tonga only had 3.5 sacks vs JV competition.
2019: no BYU player had more than 2 sacks.
2018, Corbin Kaufusi had 7.5 sacks and no other DL had more than 2.
2017, Kaufusi had 6, no other DL had more than 2.
2016, Logan Taele led our DL with 3 sacks.

*It’s been 5 years since a BYU DL had more than 4 sacks.
*In 7 years of Kalani Sitake’s defense–SEVEN YEARS–Corbin Kaufusi is the only DL to have had more than 4 sacks in a season.
*Since Kaufusi left, our DL averages under 1 sack per game.

WHY?–SCHEME–it’s on purpose! Sitake’s Scheme is DESIGNED for no sacks and for DL to “occupy” OL rather than to make sacks or tackles. I’m NOT saying Kalani Sitake doesn’t want BYU to get sacks–I’m saying he deliberately uses a scheme in which any rational person–including himself–knows BYU D linemen will very rarely get sacks.

Conclusion: Football should be fun for the players. It’s not fun on defense to have 600 pounds of strong guys double teaming you every play and not get to tackle guys. If I’m a DL, I’m not signing with BYU unless Sitake can convince me it will be fun for me to play in a scheme where 1) sacks are not part of the scheme and 2) my job is to voluntarily be double-teamed every play of every game to free up LBs to make the tackles, or 3) that he has abandoned that scheme for a more aggressive one.

I’ve never met a DL who didn’t want to get sacks and tackles.

one other change happened concerning the D line you mentioned, Corbin Kaufusi was the last D lineman to be coached by his dad Steve Kaufusi.

that was the year he “retired”

since Tuiaki took over the D line, the stats went in the toilet.

Great point! Kaufusi was an awesome DL coach. Sooo many high end difference makers came from his D Lines. I thought it was just terrible that Sitake forced Kaufusi out. Didn’t want another alpha around?

the “Scheme” would work IF LBers were filling gaps and/or blitzing as we saw in both the BSU and Utah games. But BYU’s scheme was to sit LBer’s in no man’s land 5 yds back and IDK, wait? Tuiaki was infatuated with one stat…that BYU not give up the big play. That is it. Worked great, no big plays.

We get gashed on 1st downs, destroyed on 3rd and short and mediocre teams come out with world class numbers and a win. That is what a bend but don’t break system produces. The other problem BYU has is BYU can’t attract great defensive players. Nobody likes boring! I found myself fast forwarding to when BYU got the ball again on Offense just because it was too painful to watch. That says a lot about why D guys are not only recommitting from BYU and why Tuiaki was fired from his DC job.

Moving Forward: If BYU chooses to be dynamic as we saw at BSU. The bleeding will stop, the recruits will come. To beat BSU is a big thing but to beat BSU on the smurf Turf is next to impossible. Shows a lot of what we have talent wise and where we can go into the future. It is why I penned, “that BSU win resurrected BYU’s football program”.

Hurries, Sacks and Turnovers are the glory numbers that D guys live for; How NFL guys are created and BYU rates dead last in every category. That is why Stanley Raass decommitted. Who knows how many great HS D guys did not even consider BYU? Why go to a school where you hopes and dreams go to die?

Sitake, it’s your move, do the right thing. With all this Big 12 money, hire good coaches and make BYU football fun to watch.

Kalani Satake forced Steve Kaufusi out? That was dumb thing that he did that. Really?

I don’t know if Kalani forced Steve out or not. But, a couple of weeks ago after the East Carolina loss, Isaiah Kaufusi tweeted something to the effect that Kalani is the man for the job and the BYU coaches are awesome. I then wondered why Devin Kaufusi would transfer to Utah if the BYU coaches are so wonderful.

The official word was “retired”…
But here are some facts:

  1. Steve Kaufusi develops young D-lineman players into NFL drafted player. He did this at both Utah and BYU.
  2. At BYU he developed several players that ended up playing in the NFL (his two boys to mentioned some).
  3. Tuiaki decided that he could “teach” the D-line better than Kaufusi, so they switched Kaufusi to the LBer’s.
  4. The D-line main stats going down once Tui got his claws into the D-line
  5. The LBer’s (think Warner, etc.) became better.

Kalani let his “Friend” run off one the best assistant coaches had at the time. IMHO

What position did Devin play? Defensive Line!

Basically the same story I got. I remember when that happened and thought Sitake had lost his mind. Add to it Paul Tidwell who coached the ILBs for 10 years and was a monster recruiter (Warner, KVN, Takitaki, many other top line LBs). Kalani didn’t want him on the coaching staff and he has since been an incredible employee in the athletic department working with student athlete life and learning. Big loss to the coaching staff.

Spot on. I think Kalani could become a great, legacy coach (due to his amazingly awesome personality and positivity and love for his players), but he now has a rep as having a boring defense that doesn’t let the spotlight shine on playmakers–so OF COURSE many/most don’t want to come to BYU. Kalani proved at BSU that he has it in him if he has the stones to do what it takes–all the way from coaching/staffing down to in-game calls.

Isn’t there someone around to state the obvious. We need some little kid to proclaim that “the emperor has no clothes!”.

How can all of us see the issues, understand the factors, have legitimate ideas about what needs to be done and not see that it happens?

This is nonsense and crazy.

Any reading between the lines that McChesney will be honored on Senior night as a non senior?
Said he’s out for the year with undisclosed injuries.

I think you guys nailed it, Tom and Chris. I concur.

Really? He says “many/most don’t want to come to BYU.” Who? Name one. Many/most don’t want to be baptized in the Lord’s true Church. The Prophets must be the reason? Come on. Pure emotional blather and response.

we just had two starred player back out of their commitment to sign with BYU, his point stands.

So? Which ones are signing and still coming. They probably couldn’t handle the honor code :thinking:

Both were defensive stars… all they had to do is look at the drop 8 scheme BYU likes to use and figured they could do better somewhere else.

KSL has a great list of who is coming:
Recruiting: A look at BYU’s signing class of 2023, the first of Big 12 era | KSL.com

Did you hear the BYU broadcasters talk about Rex? apparently one of the reasons he was not used much this year was because he is still recovering from his injury last year. Would have been nice to know…

Also they dropped a bomb shell “On Air”, It is not a certainty that Hill and Nacua is leaving, they may come back next year. Someone close to the two told Blaine Fowler that.

I know the Raass family and honor code has nothing to do with it. I will also add that it’s disgusting to even imply there are honor code problems.

A more likely reason deals with the statistics Greg Wrubell tweeted this evening.

“BYU football bottom-25 FBS stat ranks:
106th red zone off
107th rushing def
108th fumbles recovered
110th team pass eff def
114th 3rd down def
116th TOs gained
129th 4th down conv
129th team tackles for loss
130th team sacks”