Well I think we have a "Tall" guy now


Haarms picks BYU over Kentucky and Texas Tech

That is a great get for BYU. He was a starter for at least two years at a Big Ten school that typically goes to the NCAA tournament. All of a sudden BYU looks stacked with big men. Add him to Baxter, Harward, Wyatt Lowell, and Colby Lee and BYU has a ton of depth in the post.

Haarms could be our first true rim protector since S. Bradley.

But what we do about playing time for all these bigs? I’m guessing there is a plan already in place for GBax to move down to learn the small forward position. And his only shot of playing professionally will be at the 3, anyway. So that’s my prediction. I don’t know much about Harward or Lowell. But I think one of them is purely an inside player, like a Colby Lee. Fish knows a lot about about all these guys.

With the number of big men I could see Lee redshirting since Haarms only has one year to play at BYU. Has Lee used his redshirt? Last year the problem was a shortage of post players and now it appears there is an abundance of post players and a shortage of proven guards to back up Harding and Barcello and no true point guard.

He’s going to have to make huge leaps if he’s going to play before George. George is a legit 3 and 4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him handle the ball a lot. He’s an outside and midrange threat as well can post up.
If Hall ends up not going on his mission, I see him maybe starting at the point. Barcello has to develop more aggressive playing and scoring as well as passing.

Haarms played 18 MPG. There is no way that Haarms picked BYU unless Pope told him that he would make him into a 20/10 player. Ky would not have guaranteed him, TT is a high scoring machine but I don’t know that they use many big men, they like their 6’7 athletes.

The more I think about it, this is a good thing for Baxter. What I see in Baxter is a clean up guy that is NOT the 1st option but what he IS is a rim cleaner, swat machine, put back machine. Baxter likes to play close to the rim while Lowell is very comfortable playing out on the perimeter. I don’t know where Lee will land, or as you say, could redshirt a season.

This I do know, Upper classmen will get the bulk of the playtime. Haarms will play a lot of minutes, Barcello will play the most minutes on the team. Harding will play a ton. How many minutes will George and Spencer demand? Knell can shoot lights out but is slow footed. Rotations are almost 7 or 8 guys with some bench flavor when fouls or injuries create openings, Hmmmmmm, I still say we will see a high profile Point Gurard show up.

? Baxter, George, Johnson, Lowell
Point Guard.

Don’t forget Jesse Wade, if healthy. He was in the rotation at guard at Gonzaga as a frosh.

sorry, not feelin it. Wade only has a outside shot and can’t play meaningfull defense…But in defense of Wade…on this team with athletes who can block anything, Wade could play minutes…but if he is competing with Barcellos for playing time, Barcellos will eat all his minutes. That was my argument about where Blaze would fit and poof, he transferred because he could see the writing on the wall. Then there is Knell; who would you play? 5’ 10 Wade or 6’4 Knell, given that they can both shoot lights out from 3.

Take a look at George and tell me he is not our 5th starter

my 5 starters would be
and a good point guard.

With Howell spelling Haarms. Lowell spelling Harding and Baxter spelling George.

George can play all positions and can shoot well. I think he will start infront of Baxter. Lots depends on matchups as well. We can go big or smaller if needed. George can post up. We do need a true point guard.

OK, I have to second guess myself. As a coach you put the best 5 on the floor, and the above 5 would be my starters. But you would also ALWAYS reward your players that have tenure in the program which means that Lee and Baxter have earned that right to be the starters.

Which would mean that
Haarms (because he is a 3 year starter)
are your starters to begin this season.

It will be interesting to see just how everyone fits in

What about the 2 from UVU? I think Lee and Baxter will come off the bench as well as others. George will be either a 1,2 or 3. Much depends on whether Hall ends up on a mission or not. And, we are going after a grad transfer point too. We will end up very deep.

I saw the highlight video from George. He seems like a shorter quicker version of Baxter. Very long and athletic. Great finisher. I didn’t see George handling the ball, but then again, that probably wasn’t his role on the team.

It is good to hear Jesse Wade may be physically able to go to court. A point guard for two years with solid talent is a gift.
Another solid Division 1 talent guard would be good as well…not a pg but in today’s guard world…the more the better.

Perez can’t help BYU this season. We need a PG this season!

Two things about Haarms, which by the way, BYU had no business even being in the recruiting discussion until Haarms accepted a Zoom call from Pope and co…

"Pope got Haarms’ attention with a detailed analysis of his game and how the Cougar coaching staff could work to help him improve.

The analytic approach impressed Haarms.

“He was so excited because we went into so much depth,” Pope said. “He learned things about his game he didn’t know. Guys like Matt, they are so happy to grow their game. To show him things about his game he was unaware of, it was exhilarating.”

and if you read on down, Pope has converted Barcellos into a Point Guard to run the team for now…big mistake but then who does Pope have to run the team right now? PS, we are desperate to find a true Point.

I think George can do it. He can defend guards as well.

The focus appears to rightly be on the guard line. But good point guards seem to be hard to find.

If we can get one more good transfer point, the team is very deep with talent, size and shooting. Maybe an all around stronger team than this year.

No chance. Last year’s team was special with Haws, Toolie, and Childs. Talented seniors. Next year will be fascinating, but we won’t be as good.

Depends. I’d they play as a team they have potential to score at a high percentage inside as well as knocking down 3’s. If they pick up another senior transfer as a point guard. George is a junior. Lee is a junior and Haarms is a senior. Barcello is a junior or senor. The size and maturity is there.