Well it is starting

Two position coaches are gone (Funk and Clark).

BYU football: Cougars won’t retain coaches Darrell Funk, Steve Clark - Deseret News

They say ARod is safe for now… BIG MISTAKE!

Good analysis of the game by Matich:

Watch BYU Sports Nation 2023 Episode 232: Season Takeaways with Trevor Matich (11-27-23) - BYUtv

Yep, Matich is great to listen to. Those two coaches were going to be let go. Arod staying is the right thing to do with only one season of Big12 under the belt.

Well, if it goes down the same way next year as this year where ARod can’t adjust at half time, poor play calling and making dumb decision.

Then I will add Kalani on the list to be fired next year along with ARod.

Kalani hangs onto people far too long, he did it with Ituaki now ARod.


I know. You said as much about Arod. An evil person that did something at the U if U.

That seems to be the sentiment of not just the fans. Hill was a great hire and just may end up being Sitake’s replacement…Tweet Tweet

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Not a chance. And, Arod isn’t going anywhere if the OL coach was fired and TE coach retired. Time to stop the unrighteous dominion because we are donors and athletic supporters trying to get people fired. Come up with valid solutions with what we have and let the AD gather information to make hiring and firing decisions. That’s my opinion.

WHAT? Clark was fired, he is not retiring.

Second, BYU fans are the ones that pay for all sports at BYU. The church does not support the sports programs. the money they collect from concessions comes from the fans, the money they make from admission comes from the fans, the donations came to build the LES and training facility.

So, “YES” the fans has the right to be upset with the coaching and wanting some changes. BYU does have a choice, make these fans happy by getting rid of ARod, or lose the very large donations that these “Fans” provide.

Third, ARod makes the play calls, which includes using the Tight Ends. How can Clark develop Tight ends when they are not used? Lack of using the tight ends has been a problem for several years. We lost Holker because of ARod decision not to use the Tight ends.

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No, it’s been substantiated that he retired on his own. See if you’ll admit this. :thinking:

Yea, we donate to the programs. But, we don’t hire or fire. Once you give the money, you no longer have any say. You may think you do but if you do, that’s where the problems in programs begin. The only recourse you should have is to not donate. Anything else is nothing more than strong arming. Threatening is repugnant and UN-Christlike.

Please provide a link to your source that Clark retired.

I goggled “BYU Steve Clark Retiring” and not one article or video shows up that says that is what he is doing. ALL OF THEM said he was being dismissed.

here are three articles that says Clark was dismissed as a coach:

2 BYU offensive coaches won’t return after 5-7 showing in inaugural Big 12 campaign | KSL.com

BYU football: Cougars won’t retain coaches Darrell Funk, Steve Clark - Deseret News

BYU football to change offensive line, tight end coaches | News, Sports, Jobs - Daily Herald (heraldextra.com)

So, if you can prove what you are saying, then I will admit I was wrong. I really hope that is the case because to me Clark and Tight Ends was not the problem. My personal guess, and this only subjective here, is that Clark was raising red flags with ARod and Kalani sided with ARod. But like I said, this is only my opinion that is not based on any information, just a feeling. I have seen this type of behavior at other places, so it is possible.

Yes, fans still have a say, that is by withholding your financial support. Big Tim donors who put millions into the sports teams, can withhold the money until something happens. Do you really think Tom Holmoe wants that?

BTW, it is not being unchristlike when someone donates money to something only to see that what they donated it for is not working.

You really should go read President Nielson latest talk about “judging” others and how we need to reduce the rhetoric of contention.

Peacemakers Needed (churchofjesuschrist.org)

Think Celestial! (churchofjesuschrist.org)

Absolutely right on Floyd. I wrote as much to Tom Holmoe after last years disastrous decisions. Defense was on the field way too much. Offense lost too many games. A rod did not even make it as a QB coach. Sampson Nacua was so disillusioned by the coaching he regretted bringing his brother hear to play with him and was advised the rest of the family to stay far from BYU. I voted with my pocket book. Many season ticket holder did not show up for the last home game who paid the big bucks. We have to decide if we are going to bring in innovators and game changers, Jim McMahons, Steve Youngs, Max Halls who put it all on the line or Coaches, like Leach, who are fiery and creative or great fireside leaders. Sadly, Grasshopper, football is a business and a massive money generator for the university. Sitake is making way more money than any other coach at BYU. Overall Tom Holmoe is doing a great job, but it is not being mean; it is being a realist. Trevor Matich, Steve Young or perhaps another fiery competitor would do better if they were willing to take a pay cut. Failing to win or play to potential will not make us a winning program.

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ARod remaining is a disaster. He will be fired next year and I agree that it will put a lot of pressure on Sitake to leave the program if ARod doesn’t work out. It is too bad we are wasting another year on him.

Clarks retirement has only been substantiated in Hoppers mind.

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My concern with Clark being dismissed, is that we had a highly rated Tight Ends commit (Ryner Swanson 4-star) to BYU based on Clark influence. There is a good chance he will change his committment.

We also have current 4-star Jackson Bowers who was influenced by Clark to come to BYU. He could enter the portal and with Rex probably gone, well that leaves us pretty bare in the Tight End department.

Did you see Masen Wade comments, he was not very happy Clark was shown the door.

This shows either you don’t read everything people post or you have a ready comprehension issue. I said the solution for donors was don’t donate. Then you act as if I didn’t say that. What’s up with that.

If you want to bring in President Nelson you should read about his talk on be kind and patient with another. Have you forgotten that?

I also like what “F” had to say about writing the AD. That is perfectly fine. Had you read what I said it’s the AD’s job to hire and fire. To shout from the great and large spacious building of social media and regular media to fire anyone as a solution is unChristlike. However, to speak about the problems with coaching and actual solutions is perfectly fine as long as it isn’t hurtful to others. It can actually be helpful. Like your suggestion about Retzlaff going to get tutored by Beck. Or my solution for Arod to attend OC strategy seminars. Just leave the hiring and firing comments to the AD as to not be hurtful and cause contention. I believe he is married and has a family? They read and hear this crap too.

When people feel the pressure they do things to show they are in charge doing something to appease the flame throwers. However, on another Cougar board on Facebook is where it was said he resigned and isn’t looking to coach football at this time. He has some other things he is doing. But that’s all they said. But, this is what you get when the crowd throws flames directly at individual coaches. Better to write letters to the HC or AD.

And replace him with who? Perhaps Sitaki believes Arod is coachable and teachable. It’s important for coaches to work together as a team like the players need to. Just keep writing and talking with Holmoe and keep the personal attacks on coaches to yourself. You just seem like a grumpy old man without any happiness in it.

Well, that is a great source of truth “Facebook” post, NOT!

I watched SportsNation just in case you were correct, they even said that Clark was “dismissed”, since they have inside sources, they would have mentioned that Clark is retiring.

I posted what I did because you said in your previous post:

So, what’s up with that? trying to squirm out what you posted?

No coach that I know of has ever been influenced by what fans said or posted, most of the time they simply ignore them. having said that, Fans is why we have games, Fans who fork out their hard-earned money for the program has a right to express their displeasure and/or withhold thier funds.

You have to also remember that some of the big time Cougar Club donors did a lot of lobbying the BIG12 to let them into the conference. Just saying.

Kalani thought Ituaki was coachable and teachable as well, how did that turn out for Kalani?

I did hear on SportsNation that they were told that the AD was going to “ambitious in hiring the replacement for the line coach.”

Spencer said that what this means is that BYU is going to fork out more money for the salary of the position coaches and maybe make the line coach as a “run game coordinator” as well.

Jared also said they should hire a “accountable” coach in that position, someone who like Hill holds the players on the offensive side accountable.

Not sure how accurate all this is, but this is what was said on the show.

Sooo ARod is now a million dollar project for Sitake? Sitake is taking a huge career risk on keeping ARod. It may work out. You never know and Sitake could look like a genius. Odds of that are stacked high against that outcome based on historical nonsuccesses of Arod. Sitake has a bit of a pass because it is BYU with its ‘we gotta have faith’ , we have to have compassion , everything will work out mentality. That’s perfect for relationships and treating fellow man, but College football is now a huge business. Gone are the days of the WAC and MW and even independence. In this day, it’s all about upgrading. Not “Fire, Fire, Fire” but Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade" Yes, Sitake makes the decisions - 120th in offense in the entire country should make this a no brainer. In any other business Arod would be gone. I did major projects for work, I know those kind of results would have gotten me fired a long time ago. But it’s BYU and sentimentality over results way too often.

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Floyd, just listened to BYUSN that the two coaches “will not return.” Doesn’t say why.