Were the AZ refs just homers?

Didn’t get to watch the game so don’t know but I find it very strange that AZ had no penalties called on then the entire second half according to stat sheet I read.BYU was called for 5. Were the refs just being PAC 12 homers?

On the other hand, Arizona had 5 penalties in the first half before BYU had any. I didn’t think they were homers–I actually thought they did a very good job. So good, in fact, I thought they couldn’t be PAC-12 refs.

Thanks, I just thought it strange that at half AZ had 4 and BYU 3 and at game end AZ still had 4 and BYU 8. Didn’t get to see the game so was wondering is all. Again thanks.

In watching the game it didn’t really feel that way. Game was pretty well played and well refereed

Thanks a bunch!

BYU was called for a PI that was a really poor call. Arizona committed an obvious PI call that wasn’t made. That was the only difference I saw… inconsistency on the PI calls.

Other than that it was okay.

Early in the third quarter, I began to wonder if the refs would help Arizona out but I don’t think they really did which surprised me.

Actually, they made a bad call in our favour on the final drive. Moroni was not out of bounds with that one catch and run. His knee was down well inbounds before he stretched over the sideline. That saved us a few seconds or even a time out, Which it turned out was vital to avoid the time runoff on the penalty. I was surprised.

You’re right; I remember seeing that, too. Very fortunate, as you’ve pointed out.

So how many “bad calls” have gone BYU’s way tonight?

Utah isn’t playing a very good game but they are still winning, thanks to the officials.

17-13 in the 4th quarter.

and how many close calls do they need to review with the hope of giving Utah a favorable outcome?

If the ball had been spotted past the first down marker would they have reviewed the play?If they had called Juergens knee down initially, would they have reviewed it?

I mean every time they have reviewed a play it has been with the possibility of it going in Utah’s favor. Once it did, once it didn’t.

Except for the 2 crap targeting calls against BYU, I am not too upset at officials. U of U had 6 turnovers and still won. U of U hogs up front won on both sides of the ball. While Hill was ok, he certainly was not the superstar player he was in years past. I don’t agree with the last Y call for the 2 pt. conversion try. Live and die with the pass.

What about the facemask no call against Jamal? Would have been nice to get 15 yards when it was about as blatant as they come.

When officials are rooting for one team, it becomes more difficult for them to see stuff like that.

They don’t see it when Utah does it…

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I agree, the facemask non-call was faulty and I though U of U got the better of the officials calls but not really blatant like I have seen elsewhere. But the targeting calls were pure bullstuff. Don’t know about other cougar discussion boards but this one is dead and on the way to the ER braindead.

I agree…

I think the buzz on this board after the utah game has pretty much sealed the deal. It is as terrible as the officiating was tonight. :rage:

Utah has a decent team but they didn’t play well enough to win tonight and they got the W anyway.

It was a tough game to watch, way too many flags, poor decisions particularly on replays. Didn’t enjoy the game much at all.

For Utah to play as poorly as they did and still win, I think is one testament to their overall superiority. That they now have 6 consecutive wins over us is another testament. Another is 11 wins in the past 14 meetings. And yet another is 16 wins in the past 23 games. I don’t think officials or poor play by BYU or flukes is to blame for those kinds of records. Utah passed us up before they went to the PAC 12. That’s painful to contemplate but it is the reality. Right now the game is not a true rivalry as measured by game outcomes. I really hope Sitake can recruit better and turn it around but I have my doubts if the Y cannot get into a P5 league.

I am not disagreeing here necessarily but the bad calls certainly contribute to how the game ends up. There are so many unknowns that follow after the best defensive player is ejected on a bogus call or after another egregious penalty call and the subsequent ejection of his backup. Remember that Nacua was ejected in the third quarter.

Also, who knows what difference the no call on the face mask penalty against Jamal would have made. Calls like that can turn momentum.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t see a dominate Utah team out there. Honestly I saw a pretty mediocre Utah team that was fortunate in more ways than one to win the game.

That is why your comments about their recent “dominance” have to be taken in context.

Just being honest here and giving some perspective.

With much sincere respect to you Jim, yesterday was about sloppy play by both teams and we are not discussing what the Ute fans see as bad officiating against them. And there were bad calls against the Y yesterday, particularly the non-facemask call and the 2 ejections. But holy cow, the U has won 11 of the past 14 games. Is that record because of bad calls against the Y? 11 wins and 3 losses is the very definition of dominance.

You are analyzing resulting scores and finishes of games. If you want to use the term “dominance” that is fine. But how many of those games did Utah clearly “dominate”.

I am just asking that you look a little deeper and with a more critical eye as to what was taking place. I guess I just didn’t see “dominance” yesterday and looking back on a lot of the “wins” by Utah I didn’t see it then either.

So if they aren’t dominating in wins, why are they winning so much? Ask and then answer that question.

By any objective stance, 11 and 3 is dominance. Truth is truth and reality is reality. The reasons don’t matter, the outcome does matter. Look this pains me a whole lot. Other than BYU games (and AU games due to a friend being an AU guy) I don’t watch other college or pro FB games. I put all my sports ego eggs into the BYU basket and wish and want them to win. And BYU is certainly a big time FBS team but Utah owns us. If the officials, over 14 games (or over the past 23 games) are so crooked and conspire so much against BYU then I will stop watching all sports. Because that smacks of pro-wrestling to me or pro-boxing. If anyone can PROVE such a pervasive conspiracy against BYU, I would like to see the proof.