West Virginia vs. BYU

No. But our defense isn’t disciplined

Our defense has met their match. Perhaps they are worn out after four games and so far no more than 19 points from our so-called offense.

The West Virginia quarterback at slice and dice Byu’s defense and they are gassed going into the third quarter. Hill does not have the ability to stretch the field he can’t throw long ball it boils down to them stop in our run which is easy to do BYU’s gonna lose a lot of games of the season if hill stays in his QB

That last touchdown tells us we need to run a hurry up offense from now on. Go to the other offense next year

Right on fish. Hill has guts, that’s for sure.But he can’t run with the gusto anymore.

He’s trying not to. But in the 4th, he did and so well. He should have run on that last interception too.