West Virginia vs. BYU

In typical fashion BYU lets their opponent march down the field on the opening drive. So they are down 7-0 but moving the ball well to start their own drive. Jamal has some running lanes and is taking advantage. But of course they shoot themselves in the foot with mental errors… false start penalty and then an illegal formation penalty. This is how you play well but lose games.

That is how you finish a drive. Where has that been all season?

Just watch the game Jim. Jamal just hit 100 yard mark and now we are 10-7.

I am watching. BYU is down 14-10 now and just had to punt. :rage:

I am leaving for the UCLA - Stanford game in 30 min.

You spoke too soon. Field goal instead of touch down. And then no defense. I don’t see us winning this one. Our defense is slow and undisciplined. Offense, we need to hurry it up.

And there you go… a bad decision by Hill and BYU down 21-10.

I don’t anticipate BYU coming back against anyone to win a game, let alone a solid team like West Virginia.

You just can’t make mistakes like that and when I say “playing well but losing games”, that is how you do it.

A senior shouldn’t be making mistakes like that either.

TAKE TAYSOM OUT OF THE GAME. He looks like a turtle out there. Disgusting.

We haven’t scored 21 points in a game all season. That pick six looked like a lazy lackadaisical toss to oblivion. Bring in Tanner Mangum!!!

I’m not like you and reactive. But, let Magnum play

Maybe they should put Mangum in the game. Who is Magnum? I don’t think Tom Selleck would be able to do much at his age… what, you want him to come driving up in his Ferrari and save the day? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a great play by Hill to fumble the football forward in order to get the first down.

That was a poor decision to let the clock run out and not get a play. Juergens should have run out of bounds and stopped the clock.

Come on guys, what are you doing?

They’re playing BYU football East of the Mississippi, 2-9 in the recent past.

Either Juergen was playing selfish or he was lost. Luckily we got 3 pts.

Everyone is a comedian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, actually, if you would rerun back to the 0.35 mark when WVU called the time out when the clock was stopped. When the play started, the clock had run off 3 seconds to 0.32. We should have had an extra 3 seconds. Perhaps The officials knew that in the booth and gave BYU a gift.

Let us be PATIENT. I love it. BYU forever. We are “struggling.” Another word for “…”

He was lost. Could have one more play for the touchdown…or another pick 6.

Grasshopper: Maybe those refs are from the PAC-12.

Just some bad play calling and execution on defense.

What a hurdle Taysom did and pretty scary on his part. Too bad we didn’t get the 2 pts conversion to tie the game.

Jamal first fumble of his college career?