Westminster Game

Once again, bad 2 point shooting. 40.7%.
How many times did Lucas fall this game? Too many!
Rebounding lackiangel.

Johnson & Knight sat out. It looked like BYU didn’t play with much energy. A few guys got some valuable minutes and that’s about all you can say positive about the game except it was a win.

Missing layups, floaters and open midrange shots is lack of concentration and/or skills. This is a consistent thing with the other two as well. Lots of shots are short aiming the ball instead of shooting it with confidence and concentration.

I watched a little of the game at the end, the TV broadcaster was saying that after Erickson got a foul, “he is staying in the game because there is no one else to sub in”

What happened? Was everyone sick on the team? They mentioned Pope was just recovering from being sick as well.