What a bad start to game

8:40 minutes without scoring and looked pathetic. Either Boise is fantastic or we are really bad. Looked like a high school team.

How are you watching the game?

What a bad start and then after coming all the way back to tie it in the last 30 seconds they give up a wide open 3 from the top of the key, the easiest spot to hit a 3 pointer from, and lose the game by 4. So a bad start is complimented by a bad finish.

This is not a very good team right now.

BYU TV Sorry I Didn’t get back

Not sure what the problem really is. Boise has a couple of real good players and is a good team. The fact we came back is a good sign. We just start slow.
I’m thinking I’d rather start Johnson and bring BA off the bench. He’s a bigger guard and physical. I don’t know who to start at the 5. It’s really strange that we start off games so poorly.

It’s a sign of a not very good team.

Anyhow, John Jackson told me that Lohner looks lost out there and he can’t understnd why he gets so much playing time. Any thoughts?

Size, athletic ability and potential and not sure who you would replace him with, but his shooting is way off and his defense not up to college level yet, but he’s probably 18 years old

BA looks lost a lot as well. Lohner has a good game last game but Boise is a seasoned team and much better. I wasn’t expecting to be in the game at the end. Haarms got going. But we need another scorer and I think Johnson is that player. Harding looks lost, slow from last year. It will take a few more games to get ready for league.
5-2 is about what I thought we would be at this point.

Thanks SR.

I was looking at the roster because I heard that Johnson played well, etc. and I know I have harped on it to no end but in just looking at where the team comes from or where they played or what teams they have come through I can’t help but notice that the majority have come through Utah and Idaho at some point…

Only 4 of the 17 rostered players have not. That would be Barcello, Haarms, George and some guy named Pearson. For discussion sake lets take Barcello and Haarms off the roster (they had 60% of the points tonight) and where would BYU be right now? I mean if they are going to fill the roster with players from Utah and Idaho or players that played college ball in Utah and Idaho and then bring them in, what does everyone expect. I know this won’t sit well with a lot of people, but this has got to stop. Can BYU just please expand their recruiting umbrella to somewhere outside those two states a little more than they do now?

I’d love a solid argument for why I might be wrong or a different idea for how to make it better.

Pope is still inheriting Rose’s recruits and the ones you mentioned were brought in by Pope and I’m pretty sure he is going world wide to get the best he can, but, as you well know it’s going to take a couple of years to get his own and he’s going to have a tough time next year because with Barcello leaving and BA gone, I don’t see a lot out there. Short look at Erickson tonight, didn’t tell me much except he needs to get stronger. If BYU can win 18-19 games this year, I would consider it a good year after losing so many seniors last year and I’m really starting to appreciate the job that Childs, Haws and Toolson did last year

Lohner will be good once he gets up to the speed of the college game. He’s getting there. But, I’ve heard you and others talk about getting players like Lohner more playing time when they are young back in the Rose era. So, I’m okay with him out there. AB and BA are too small to be on the floor at the start especially when the other team has a 6’9” point guard like Boise.

Two key areas where almost every game we have done poorly in this year is Turnovers and Free Throws. That killed us tonight in the end.