What a Battle! Big win!

Never quit Cougars! Way to go!

Man, I was amped up entire game. Especially starting midway thru 3rd quarter.
You’re right - never quit. One of the best BYU games I’ve seen, at least in a while.
Did you notice that once Offensive tackle #76 was out of game our line held pretty well. I saw 4 horrible whiffs in the first half and start of 2nd half. I respect him, and he’s big but he may be one of the slowest linemen I’ve seen. I hope he can be taught and can succeed, but…
Huge win. Glad I predicted it.

And what a difference a defensive coordinator can make!

I don’t remember a lot of injuries. There was #38
Early on. Epps didn’t play much and where was Hill.
Kansas will be another road game with a top 30 team. Need to still work on run blocking. Slovis really can’t throw on the run. He needs to spend all week working on that.

BYU looks good going forward. If Slovis can’t throw on the run (agree by the way) working on it this week probably isn’t going to make it better. Either he knows how to do it at this point in his career or he doesn’t.

We will see.

Offense still needs work, especially O line, but my biggest question was answered. Last year our D simply gave up time and again. These guys have no quit in them. With a D that plays like this, we have won 10 or 11 last year.

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