What a Cluster in House of Representative

Watching the voting for house speaker…

If this does not show EXACTLY how extremism will destroy the American way. I understand that people want to be more financially conservative, but this far right fraction could cause in the US House something that have NEVER HAPPEN! A Democrat gets elected as House Speaker while the house is controlled by the GOP (Yes, it can happen).

90% of the GOP house members want McCarthy, but 20 are digging in their heels. This is so un-American, where in our form of government, Majority rules.

And the Republicans wonder why people are leaving their party… NO UNITY within the party!

Literally a house divided against itself cannot stand. However, you should look again at some of the Republicans. Some are quite liberal. The Republican Party has become very wide and inclusive in who is in the party. I think Biden has made deals with these more liberal Republicans and that’s why he’s not worried about Hunter, the boarder and his re-election bid.

I think you’re right.
It’s almost like there are at least 4 parties - the far right faction and far left faction have more power and leverage in Congress than their member share of their respective party. Could a third party of moderates from both parties form? Doubt it,but not that it shouldn’t. It should have more congressmen/women as I still think the moderates in both are bigger that the extremes. Guess it depends where the line between moderates and farther right and farther left are drawn. Won’t happen, at least for awhile. And I get a moderate from the Dems is certainly left of a moderate from the GOP and vice versa. Just think most of the voters are more moderate and are not represented well (in terms of ideology) by current parties with the factional influences.

My two cents from a very conservative Republican: Nuts

Battle of the Bulge reference I assume Boise Boy. I get it.

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