What Big12 Membership Means

Wow…just wow!!! I love BYU football, but I LOVE BYU hoops and more than ever since we FINALLY hired Mark Pope. What does Big12 membership mean?

  1. We don’t lose Coach Pope to KU or another “power” program, since BYU can now become one!
  2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. How do we become a power program? All starts with recruiting P5 level athletes. How many kids have spurned BYU because they didn’t want to play a third of their games in glorified HS gyms in front of 1500 fans? Contrast that with road games in front of 15k fans against top 25 programs like ISU, Houston, Cincy, TTU, Baylor, KU, etc. NIGHT AND DAY.
  4. This is a MASSIVE MASSIVE increase in difficulty of schedule for BYU hoops. We will be in a conference that could have 6 or 7 ranked teams at any given time, and ANY letdown means a loss.
  5. A 20 win season is the absolute floor in the Rec League. A 20 win season in the new Big12 will be a job.

BYU Basketball Makes Four-Star Guard Collin Chandler’s Final Six - Vanquish The Foe

If I were Chandler the list just got narrower.
Stanford for Academics
Gonzaga for basketball
BYU for the best combination of both…

I suspect the subject of the following sentence also has some pull:

“One source close to Collin told me that BYU not offering until June and him not growing up in a BYU family — his family is Utah fans — don’t help BYU’s cause, but they aren’t deal breakers, either.”

This is one take from somebody in the know:

Scott Drew called out of the blue…I cannot wait.

Gonzaga for drinkin, you mean.
Just had to do it

Can’t believe you did that :joy:

top half of football, bottom half of bball (at least initially)

if you are die-hard BYU football fan, check this new book out (at amazon)

60 years of BYU football history and their greatest QBs

it does look like an interesting book and guerilla marketing gurus would applaud you.

:slightly_smiling_face:…as a two-time BYU grad I have a passion for the Cougs…thanks for considering the book…it was a 5-year labor of love

just a small example of what it means to be part of a conference…even two years out.
How the Big 12 schools (including the 4 expansion schools) faired this past weekend (msn.com)

I suspect that the chip on the shoulder of the B12 teams will drive them to greater glory than they have found under the auspices of the OKTX crowd.