What BYU football will look like next year

QB battle the headliner, but BYU football has plenty of holes to fill as spring camp opens Monday | KSL.com

We have only 3!% of our offense returning
and only 16% of our defense.

Plus how many P5s on the schedule? :worried:

Plus some new assistant coaches, OC Aaron R., and we still have Coach Kalani S. childhood friend Coach DC Tuiaki

I don’t see this. We have quite a few returners. Not sure what he’s looking at. And, we have many that were 2nd string that will fill the holes that were left.

It doesn’t matter what players we have on defense. As long as Tuiaki is the dc, the defense will either mediocre or embarrassing.

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What were now a top 5 defensive team? Yep…The offense is going to shine this year. The two brothers one from Utah transferring in. The other a sensational freshman. Should be fun…

I can’t imagine Tuiaki leading a top 5 defense

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Check out last season

Although we didn’t give up many points, we played some crappy teams that don’t score much anyway. Last year doesn’t show me anything about Tuiaki.

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Snake eyes is correct. Don’t be baited by the “Hopper”!

Just my opinion with an 11 - 1 season. What’s wrong with that? You really that frightened of me? Good

155 more days till we play against Arizona will be a long wait but hopefully the team will do well that we should all be thinking staying positive. Last coronavirus season this BYU FB team played against mostly Sun Belt team that they are not like the SEC schools.
Yes BYU football was the top five defense team in the country last year and imagine what coach bronco Mendenhall Think of our current DC at BYU? Coach bronco Mendenhall at BYU was the top 15 DC when he was here which he was the best for our program. This coming 2021FB season will be back to normal like it was before the pandemic That BYU Defensive program will not see another top five like we did last year again and sorry hopper which I will mark that down.

Our defense will be great because our offense will dominate. Write that down :slight_smile:

Both you and the Hopper make great points…Yes, we will be playing bigger better players from P5 programs. But our offense just got from GOOD to VERY GOOD with the Nacua brothers. Both this guys can play at the NFL level. They left Utah and Wash. because those programs are grind it out run oriented.
BYU has 4 good QBs, not one. I would feel great about either Romney or Hall. but Sol Jay and Conover are supposed to be next Wilson. And who wouldn’t want to be QB with
Recievers like Rex, the Nacuas, Romney? Pau u?
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Pay attention to Luc Andrada. He was listed as RB last season but he broke the Colo. HS 100 YDash. Would make a hell of a slot or just about anywhere.
With Algeiers at RB?
And our killer Oline? We may be reworking the D but our O is stacked.
Some one cover the Defense for me but BYU is going to compete and surprise in 22.