What CMU taught us

CMU is in a lot of ways the type of team that BYU will see in the WCC. They are guard driven where speed and shooting takes precedence over any kind of inside game. This was the first game I can remember where the CMU team shot better from 3 range then then they did from inside and they shot 36 bombs, BYU shot 31 bombs. Crazy stuff.

You have to thank your lucky stars that Freshmen guards, Emery and Zeljass came along because you just don’t see kids right out of highschool lead their team in scoring like we are seeing this season. Icewater in their veins. Wish I could see more of Hartsock, and I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him.

So when WCC league play starts bank on seeing more of the ol 4 guard lineup. BYU will go small when we need to (as in the CMU game) but for the most part BYU will go with 2 big men, A Davis (always) along with Kaufusi or Austin.

The indispensables of BYU are KC and Davis. Since Fischer only performs in unimportant games, we have to depend on true freshmen like Emery and now Zaljass.