What happened at the end of the game?

I didn’t watch the game but I saw BYU had a 31 point lead and only won by 17. And, who got the technical foul?

The win propelled BYU up nine spots in Ken Pomery’s predictive ratings, to No. 18 nationally.

The biggest key to a jump like that? The emergence of Haarms down the stretch, even as a fifth-year senior from a power conference. 'Really making it work': Haarms, Lohner help BYU rout LMU to post 4th win in 5 games | KSL.com

Caleb Lohner’s improvement as a true freshman has unlocked a new level for a tournament-bound BYU. Caleb Lohner's Improvement Taking BYU Basketball to Another Level - BYU Cougars on Sports Illustrated: News, Analysis, and More

Where would BYU be? have been if Bax and Lowell had not been hurt…a different stratosphere…

The Pope got the tech…when one is up 20+ one should not piss off a ref.

Mark pope got the technical because he got fed up with rec refs calling foul toward BYU the last half after halftime. I guess the Zebras swallowed their whistle. I only listen to the game on the radio and I here the announcer saying about many hit and ryn with no calls toward LMU like they did the first half.

When it is a win and hopefully players are healthy or next week games

Sounds like the refs had somewhere to go and wanted to end the game sooner. Perhaps they had another game to officiate today. Good for Pope! Sometimes refs have to be called out.

How did we ever lose to Pepperdine?

Last year on 20th of February BYU’s team was ranked on kenpom at no. 18…dejavu? would be nice if the team was leading the nation in 3 pt shooting…but whatever gets the job done…getting better every day is working two years in a row…Wouldn’t want to be facing the hungry Cougars in a tournament right now…

they made the comparison of Last years team to this year’s. Better shooters but this year is much deeper.
I would say that last year, we had 3 pro players on the team. This year, Haarms, Lohner and maybe Barcello are future pros. But there is no doubt that this team is 10 players deep whereas, last year, we were 7 deep.

Harold, it is ironic that both are ranked 18 as of today. After the two games next week with SF and SMC at home, I fully expect BYU to actually be ranked in the top 25, and get a 6-7 seed.