What happened the second half of the game?

UMASS, the weakest Univesity of the 130 division one teams, killed us in the second half of the game 24-7 after we played a perfect first half 49 - 0.

What happened? Who can explain why we can not play a full 4 quarters of football against thew worst team in college football.

Uggg…we were playing 4th stringers in both sides of the ball. It was more of a good JC team against a D-1 teams even though a bad one.

No reason to run up the score in the second half. It was very sporting of our coaching staff.

After halftime, our players were way down on the depth chart–many names I’d never heard before. The other team did not appear to pull their starters, although their staring quarterback got injured. Even so, his backup had started three games already this year and in many ways looked better than their starter.

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