What? Hardnett re-injured his hand?

WHAT!!! Hardnett re-injured his hand? But Jim and the rest of the never Roseers said it was a conspiracy against Hardnett. That he never had an injury. Guess I was right all along:-) But, I’ll not see an apology :no_mouth:

Hopper - No one ever testified that Hardnett’s hand injury was fake. Nobody really knew. There was some talk that it was exaggerated as it allegedly occurred during or around the big Hardnett-Rose drama game in SoCal. There is a long history of athletes and coaches not being forthright regarding injuries. This has been going on since the beginning of sports.

An example you might understand is that none of us knew anything about Wilson’s problematic shoulder during football. You probably blame Sitake and all the coaches for not announcing prior to the Utah game, “Wilson has a bad shoulder. He can still play, but it takes him a long time to warm it up. We are hoping he doesn’t take any hard hits to it.”

No guessing…you were right all along. I’m headed down to the engravers right now to get that trophy made. Scott Gavenman WAS RIGHT.

Ya butt this supposed thing with Rose and Hardnett never materialized. Should teach not to assume just because others had strife’s.