What I Thought about UofP Game

  1. Do you notice the difference when you watch a game where the officials don’t think they are more important than the players? Only 31 total fouls, VERY few of the ticky tack variety, not a single player from either team forced to the bench due to terrible refs. I got to watch two teams actually play ball.
  2. Good offense by Seljaas.
  3. Seljaas staged a one man boycott against perimeter D in the second half. It was like groundhog day watching him sag too deep and then desperately run at the open shooter that had been left wide open.
  4. 99 points with 30 assists on 36 made–the best ball movement I have maybe seen in my life.
  5. I love it when we drill Portland like that. I think their coach is a terrible winner and a sore loser. He has been on our local sports radio a couple times this year and it didn’t make me think any better of him.
  6. KC’s 10th rebound was a classic: start at high post, crash down on ball, elevate above guys bigger than him, and forcefully rip the ball down. Of course he knew it was his 10th, but he put an exclamation point on that one. Epic performance all around for him.
  7. Emery: nice to see him throw down–easily–off two feet in the half court. How many BYU point guards not named Marty Haws and KC have you seen do that? Emery is a stud.

Emery tends to sag too much too. He’s quicker than S. but I know they want to be in rebounding position too. Another step out and they would be fine.

The cheap fouls we get guarding someone driving when we have shot blockers drives me nuts! The reaching and bumping with the body when they won’t make the shot frustrates me.

BYU leads the leagues in shot blocking and Rose’s intention is to even get better at it with the bigs coming in so hopefully Emery picks it up while Seljaas is gone missioning.
I can’t imagine he won’t; that is one driven young man.

too many turnovers.