What I want to see against CMU

  1. A win
  2. a big solid win–take the lead early and keep it growing until the final buzzer. a minimum of 20 pts
  3. Solid defense all the way through.
  4. Seljas, Emery, KC, CK and KD start
  5. Fischer come off the bench and burn baby burn
  6. Kaufusi not foul out against smaller quicker players
  7. KC a triple double and then sit out the final ten minutes of the game

Yes blue goggles
I think so. . . at home against a weaker team. The kind that CMU appears to be.

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yep, Fischer will be hucking those 3s up.

BYU hits 90

  1. A win yep
  2. big solid win–nope
  3. solid defense all the way through–nope
  4. Seljas, Emery, KC, CK and KD starte–nope
  5. Fischer come of the bench and burn it–4 of 12 from three–why did he get so many minutes? still? especially if consistency is important
  6. CK not foul out–check but didn’t hardly play
  7. KC triple double a–yep
    sit for the last 10 minutes…nope

oh well