What if Christian Stewart goes down?

Quarterback injuries have been an issue for all three major football programs in the state of Utah.

BYU = 2nd string QB
Utah = ?2nd string QB (depending on the week)
Utah State - 4th string QB

I don’t think I can even tell you who that back up for Stewart is. Is it Nacua, the 2nd string safety? What if Nacua is already playing on defense. We could be in really poor shape.

No big deal. We don’t appear to be competitive as it is right now. We have UNLV, Savannah St, and Cal left along with a meaningless bowl game against an AAC team.

With Stewart we should beat UNLV, Savanna St, and be competitive with the AAC team. Cal who knows? Depends on which team shows up.

Without Stewart we should beat Savanna St and then we’ll play a meaningless bowl game against an AAC team.

I don’t know why we don’t have better options at QB. Why are we playing a senior in a lost season when we could be grooming and giving meaningful minutes to a potential future backup and starter?

Neat question: Why, indeed, do we not have better options at QB. Except for Hill last year and early this year, there has been many questions about the QB position for several years. Other than Stew, all the other QBs available this season will be gone bye bye after this year.

Does it matter? I get the feeling that a lot of Cougar fans have decided to wait for next season before getting excited about the QB situation. Which is kind of funny since during camp, so many people were saying Stewart was the real deal, and we were set. I guess we failed to plan for three deep.

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That’s a fair point. The season is basically over whether Stewart gets hurt or not. I think Stewart is a very good quarterback. He showed it on Saturday, even if it was just UNLV. He needed some reps and time and he’s proving he can play, too bad he’ll be gone next year after all of this time getting him reps.

If USU is still rolling using a 4th string QB… what does that say about BYU and Stewart?

Oh wait… USU has an OC that know how to adjust when QB’s goes down… too bad BYU doesn’t…



just testing the new system

This is a fair point, however, it seems to me that the defense has been a bigger problem this year than the offense. Both have had a lot of injuries, but the offense has still been able to score 20 or more points, while the defense continues to give up a lot of points.

The thing that bugs me is that BYU had A. Olson, Green and one other QB that all transferred… None of those teams are doing well (SUU, Weber, etc.) So what does that say about BYU recruiting?

It says unfortunately Bronco needs to go. 10 years in and a below average program that is arguably 3rd in the state once again this year. We have fallen behind, so much that even top HS instate players don’t want to fall into the abyss that is now BYU. Utah is by far a better option for top local talent who want to stay in state, and USU is the fall back. There was a time where BYU was the top program and utah was the fall back fr local talent. We are not even the fall back for many local LDS kids. Or even worse, when they come they see the culture Bronco has created and they transfer out. It’s becoming a problem that the AD is well aware of and concerned about. But Bronco is liked by those who sign his check. Donors are speaking up, and that may be the only thing that forces a change.

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Floyd, You have my vote. Yes Fire Anae…