What is going on with Utah State football?

Can anyone who knows more than the rest of us explain what is going on with the coaching situation at Utah St. ? I just saw something scroll across the bottom screen on ESPN that the players voted to not play their game this weekend because of religious discrimination and the LDS church.

What next this year?

Looks like Grimes won’t be head coach at USU. He’s still with BYU. That’s a good thing.

The President said something about the interim coach being LDS and used that as a reason not to hire him. The team voted to not play the last game. They are interested in supporting the new coach coming in.

The report I am hearing is that the Arkansas State HC will be the new HC at Utah State. His last name is also Andersen.

And if the players can just opt out of playing a game what is the use of having an NCAA college FB program. Just have the university opt-out of FB entirely and the players won’t have to worry about playing any games at all, of course, they won’t have to worry about athletic scholarships either.

the thing that is going on at USU is muting faceted.

  1. The AD FIRED coach Anderson three games into the season. my sources said the coach was having issues. the AD wanted go in a different way.
  2. USU promoted the asst Mailie to acting HC. He is LDS and Polynesian
  3. the players led by the seniors got a meeting with the AD and the University’s President to support Mailie to be the new coach.
  4. during this meeting the University’s President made a comment about Mailie religious and cultural background. which the players took as racist.
  5. the players ran a poll to see how many of them felt the same. the majority believe the comment was racist.

the players voted to boycott the CSU game as a protest to what the President said in the meeting.

USU hired the Arkansas State coach to be their new coach.

hope that helps

I attended 1.5 years of college at Arkansas State. Andersen has done well in Jonesboro which is a chore. Probably a good hire but the players may not play a game next year if they don’t like his hair doo.

Great post, Floyd
USU’s President just got USU in a lot of hot water. Law suit.

Anderson should come to BYU as the DC, he never would but he should

First there has to be a vacancy​:wink::point_up::muscle:

10-1 says no change but we all know the truth.
late season losses like Hawaii and SDSU last year, CC this year should of all been wins.

I grew up in Southeastern Idaho, which is Aggie country. Almost exclusively Mormon, but more USU than BYU fans. I don’t remember there being any UofU fans.

My dad’s good friend is a patriarch there were I grew up, and he’s also a retired perennial state football champion coach. He says that there has been a lot of unrest and dislike of Dr. Cockett as university president, but this might be the spark that will light the keg. It all depends on what she actually said (the meeting wasn’t recorded). The investigation will likely just conclude “they said - she said,” barring a mea culpa or a recording that surfaces.

In my view, there is too much smoke for there to have been no fire. Her PR damage control statement also seemed to me to indicate that there is something there. Instead of simply denying the allegations, she expressed shock that she could have been misinterpreted to have said that, and said, “Regardless of how difficult the conversations might be in the coming days, I remain committed to giving our students a voice.”

She knows that the “conversations” she will have to have “in the coming days” will be “difficult.” If there is no “there” there, why would they be? Just because there are some upset people who misunderstood something she didn’t say?

I’m hearing that many people think Andersen was fired way too soon. This Covid season is a throw away season, and Andersen did well enough there for Wisconsin to hire him away.

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It’s a little like basketball, when we knew the last few years that Coach Rose had lost his enthusiasm and self-admitted the need to hang it up. Different scenarios but the need is there. We defeated a very mediocre SDSU offense-how will we handle a good UCF offense if it comes down to that. Shout out your opinion so another will hear. I already know the answer😉

We will come to play and to outscore UCF with great offense as their defense has holes in it as well. It’s all about the offense. Like the glory days!

Very telling story and thanks for sharing. If you can get the owner of Utah pro soccer fired for comments, it can happen to Cockett.

I have not delved into the UCF stats but in my heart, if we let that QB have long looks with a 3 man rush, BYU will lose. just my gut.

Going to have to be-need Romney and Allgeier back and the bowl game is only a little over a week away, but hopefully it will be great weather in Florida

"Linebackers Kevin Meitzenheimer and Nick Heninger say Cockett asked players about Maile’s LDS faith.

“What do we say to people who have concerns — or outside concerns — about hiring an LDS Mormon from Utah,” Meitzenheimer said, summarizing Cockett’s comments.

Heninger offered a similar version of what Cockett said.

“How he’s a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and how that looks outwardly for like, recruiting,” he said. “She mentioned the Polynesian culture as well.”

“You have 80 guys who heard the same thing,” Meitzenheimer said. “Eighty guys all on board, willing to not play a football game.”

Now that is something you don’t see every day…
A person not of our faith, calling out someone for religious bias of a member of our faith.

I would be surprised if the president of USU still has her job at the end of Jan. Either that or Utah will fire Witt, BYU will fire Sitake, Navy will fire Ken, the Chiefs probably ought to kick Reid out the door also. I just can’t believe she would say something as dumb as that!!

Haha LOL! I’m a lawyer and when I read her statement, the first thing I said was “SHE DIDN’T EVEN WRITE THAT! HER LAWYER DID!” That kind of damage control says one thing to me: she said something stupid, will try to duck and cover, will hold a few meetings and say she has “let everyone be heard,” and go on with her bad self collecting a giant paycheck.

Allgeier is good to go. I don’t have word yet on Romney.