What is going on?

Interesting game so far BYU jumps on it early and gets a little over confident. Now Lunardi says BYU is a bubble team… Is it deer season in Utah? because the Cougars look more like the Deer… in the headlights. Did KC really just shoot an air ball free throw? How many rebounds does Dvis have? Best BYU player on the floor at this point is Kaufusi…

Let’s hope they get it in gear for the second half.

what good is talent when BYU makes 12 turnovers in the 1st? You would think they would settle down after the half but no, more stupid fouls.6 offensive fouls and counting…I mean, who does that?

I had to turn the TV off, could not bare to see any more.

Watched the Utah game, very tough well disciplined team that can shoot inside to outside. 3 outstanding players in Taylor, Peotl and Leverage. They lose Watson to the NBA and they could be even better. BYU has no chance

Wow… I thought we would have to wait until Utah or Belmont to see what we had this year…

Sorry, but I have some things to say. I’ve gotta get it out or I won’t sleep. I have seminary in about 5 hours.

Overall grade for the team? D- It would have been F but they had a shot at the end.

Here we go -

KC - He may be able to get triple doubles but free throws aren’t part of it… lucky for him. F-
Fischer - Horrible game, lost his head and his focus. F-
Kaufusi - Played well, left his feet at the worst possible time. B
Davis - Pretty average… expected more. C-
Emery - this isn’t LP high school… don’t need to say anything more. D
Aytes - started slow… got it going and Rose pulls him… go figure. B-
Chatman - not bad for a freshman, airball at critical time hurt. C+
Austin - Looks like he missed a year… senior leadership? D
Toolson - I think he played and made a couple of shots. C

I could say a lot more… Rose struggled to calm the head cases… and the deer herd was looking at the headlights after a good start and nice comeback. They didn’t deserve to win… HORRIBLE free throw shooting never deserves the win.

I’m disappointed but will hold back judgement because it is early in the season. This was a pathetic loss in so many ways… I tried to prepare you guys for this possibility but nobody wants to listen. It isn’t pessimism… my comments are always realistic and spot on.

Let’s hope they figure it out… that was not a very good team they lost to… projected to finish 4th in their conference.

Hate to say this, Chase Ficher is not very good player. Very poor shooting 1of 8. I never did like how he plays. He should of transfer to Div II when he left WF. I know it sound pretty low what I think of him.

I listen to the game but didn’t find Jakob Hartsock play at all or did he? The stat doesn’t show Jakob at all. Anyone know why he didn’t play. And I do believe Alan Hamson is redshirting this year.

I wonder this Pyramid building made them play bad with missed FT and TOs, this is where I put it “Deer looking up the top of the Pyramid”. No excuses! Love Corbin Kaufusi and he will get a lot better and only 2 fouls.

Next three games are all at home playing some Div II teams whoever they are. All on byutv. Then we should skip playing at the hill u. I just would hate to lose to u again.

2 for 15 shooting between Fischer and Emery. Who is going to replace Hawes’ scoring this year? Not good.