What is wrong with Utah Governor?

I hear the legislators voted to deny Transgender males to be able to complete as females. Then, the Governor says he won’t approve it? What? How idiotic are people getting that they can’t tell the difference between males and females? The end of women’s sports. Wo unto those who call good, evil and evil, good.

Utah Gov. is a democrat in republican clothing.

Sounds like it! Do a quick recall.

Like always Scott, you hear and read what you want too and never get the complete truth.

What you failed to mention about Governor Cox comments is “WHY” he is vetoing the bill.

“I was as stunned as most members of the Senate were,” Cox said. “Some of the worst decisions get made at the last minute.”

In Utah, the last day of the legislature session for some unknown reasons allows members to submit any bill they want to be voted on without going through any normal process that a bill goes through.

One of the Senators did such a move with the Transgender bill and THAT is WHY Governor Cox vetoed the bill.

According to Governor Cox – This subject is to important to just let it be voted on last minute without open dialogue. It should go through the process so that everyone has an equal chance for their voices to be heard. Does he sign it afterwards? Don’t know.

But what I do know is that the bill passed the Senate by a narrow margin 16-13. The House then passed the bill 46-29, which means not all the Senators or House members had a chance to vote on the bill.

And finally “No!” Governor Cox is not a Democrat in Republican Clothing… His approval rating is up around 80% statewide and around 90% with most Republican within our state. His personal belief is that to produce the best results for anything is to have all parties to be involved in the process.

This same Governor sent Biden a letter that basically calls him out for his “BAN” on US oil and Natural Gas.

Gov. Cox urges President Biden to eliminate barriers to increasing U.S. domestic oil and gas production | Governor Spencer J. Cox (utah.gov)
A few comments I like:
“What’s more, for those who truly care about the environment and climate change, substituting American gas and oil for Russian gas and oil at home and abroad will make a significant impact on global carbon emissions. Your own Secretary of Energy has stated that Russian natural gas is “the dirtiest form of natural gas on earth.” That assertion is backed up by a 2019 study by the U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory, which shows that liquified natural gas shipped from the U.S. to Europe would generate less greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas imported from Russia.”

"As a Western public lands state, we certainly have an interest in seeing these resources developed, but this is about far more than benefiting Western communities. It is strikingly inconsistent for U.S. policy to discourage European reliance on Russian-produced energy while simultaneously refusing the leasing and permitting of oil and gas development on our own federal lands. Your Department of Interior’s anti-energy policies are not merely economically destructive and environmentally wrongheaded, but, as should now be very clear, they have serious geopolitical implications. "

You have a California problem growing in Utah. That bill needs no discussion. It’s pretty simple. No biological born males play in female sports competitions. This is in direct relationship with the male Penn swimmer in the Ivy League. Who are the 13 and 29 that are for this? That’s who you should be focused on replacing. Good grief! Don’t you support women in their desires to compete and win?

While it is true we have a lot of Californians moving to Utah and that does bring in some of the “Californian idiotic mentality” with it.

We will never become California because of our State Constitution, which prohibits a lot of things that California likes to do.

Nothing is simple Scott…

So what you are saying is that we should adopt the Russian way of government and people do not have a right to have a voice because “it is so simple”? Because only a few people know what is the right answer…

We live in a Democratic Republic Scott, which means that we have a right to have our voices heard through our constitutional rights. Or do you not believe in the “Constitution”?

I have three daughters, two of which played High School sports… so yes, I support women’s right to compete.

Having said that, I also “UNDERSTAND” that there are also transgender kids who do not have the right to compete in sports right now, who want to play.

That is why I support the idea of “going through the constitutional process” to make a decision. Where clear heads can come up with the best solution and why I oppose an 11th hour bill to pushed through without an open debate about it.

Scott, a democratic republic means that we vote people into office to do the will of “ALL THE PEOPLE”, not just a certain subsection of people and their views.

First: The USA is a Representative Republic. We are not a Democratic nation.

Second: In the state of Utah, the LEGISLATURE makes the laws, whether it be first hour or the “13th hour.” And yes, one man, ONE, can usurp the will of the many ELECTED legislators. And we will see where that goes in the future.

Five years ago this legislation would go through and be signed into law - so the weight of the democrat Californians TRANSplanted into Utah is turning this state into another California. And yes Cox is a Democrat in Republican clothing. Wait till Cox does something the (until now) Utah Republican majority really cares about and Utahns will discover his disguise.

I would support ADULT transgender (at least 21 years of age and preferably 25 years of age) people competing against other transgender adults BUT NOT against biological females. Biological males who transgender into females are grossly unfair to biological females in head-to-head athletic competitions. You would think such people would be against such competitions since they believe they are wronged by remaining male and make use of “rights” and resouirces to put asunder what God has wrought.

I agree they can have a transgendered male to female or female to male leagues. But no male plays in a female league or sports event. Period! I can’t believe we are even having this debate umongst Latter-day Saints. But, this has been prophesied as well.

To be absolutely clear and concise. The United States is a “democratic representative constitutional republic”.

Absolutely correct. BUT, if you actually had a clue how the State Legislature actually works. You would understand that they would NEVER pass bills of this type of issue in the waning minutes of the session.

Especially when many of the senators or representatives were not present to vote. The is something called “Political decorum” that plays into this.

This is pure BullCrap… Among voting republicans as of December, is 75% approval rating.
The problem with the idiotic far right wing of the party is that they don’t like that he actually does what he is supposed to do, work with all parties to accomplish tasks.

Here is a fact: Most of the far right-wing candidates in Utah lose in the primary because the bulk of Utah Republicans voter do not agree with these candidates views.

Once the democrats wise up in Utah (not holding my breath) and starts putting people running for office that is more moderate in view, then you will see a change in the power structure of the State Government.

I am not in favor of this either, having three daughters I do not think it is right. I also unlike some have done some research to back up my viewpoint. Currently the policy is that the transgender has to be under treatment for one year before competing.

But there are studies that show that time frame only reduces the affects of the process from male to female only 5 percent. So it is still not fair competition even with the waiting period.

Having said that, I believe EVERYONE has the right to voice their opinions on this subject and that they have right to go to the legislature meetings to voice their opinions. If this is not allowed, then we are no better than Russia.

Really? No better than Russia?
So, would you rather have 100% conservative government or 100% liberal leftist government?

Since I “have no clue” and what I said is “bull crap” why should I bother any more participation.

Why is not something in the middle Scott?

Because you think is in Extremes…

I wonder that myself at times…

There is no in the middle to right or wrong, good or evil, virtue or vice…Do you teach your children to choose the right or to choose the middle? To choose the Celestial Kingdom or the Terrestrial Kingdom? There is a right or wrong answer to every question. Is that a lie?

When good people do nothing, evil wins…

This is only true for eternal principals, not political viewpoints.

As for you comment “the Celestial Kingdom or the Terrestrial Kingdom” Scott, I teach my children and grandchildren to do the best they can do. Be honest, treat all people the same, and live your life so that you can always hold your head up high. Whether they go to the “Celestial Kingdom or the Terrestrial Kingdom” is based on how they live their lives, not what political party they belong too.

Wrong again. If you think totalitarian rule of a secular government has no bearing on our eternal outcome, think again. First seek ye the kingdom of God. All things are spiritual to the Lord. Being influenced and in step with those things involved with politics will lead to right or wrong spiritually. Democrat liberals are screaming against the proclamation of the family. This cannot be separated anymore.

I have never heard on “Liberal” democrat even mention that Proclamation of the Family.
Second, Are there democrats who are not “liberal”? Some like Joe Manchin for example? This guy stop the “Build Better America” monstrous bill almost single handedly.

The problem I have with your view is that you paint all in black or white, the world as President Nelson has said in the past has a lot of gray area in it.

Do you think the programs and platforms of the Democrat Party aren’t against the family and eternal family as well?

I believe that both the GOP and Democrat platforms has things in that goes against the family as well as parts that I can agree with.

As per President Oakes talk in conference a few years ago.
"We should never assert that a faithful Latter-day Saint cannot belong to a particular party or vote for a particular candidate."

Defending Our Divinely Inspired Constitution (churchofjesuschrist.org)