What is wrong with Utah people?

How can you let Hillary win? She will work to outlaw certain verbiage in the Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price. If you don’t vote Trump, you and Glenn Beck are to blame for what’s coming.

I would relax if I were you. Hillary is not going to win the state of Utah – people here are as disgusted with Hillary as they are with Trump. It appears that McMullin has a slight chance, in which case, it won’t matter because either Hillary will win it all anyway or McMullin will prevent both candidates from hitting 270, in which case, the House will pick the President (among the top 3 vote getters), and they will surely pick Trump.

My wife and I are not picking neither of those clowns. McMullin is the one for this state of Utah. Obama was picked rock bottom during last election and we were proud of it

Not necessarily. Other states are wobbling too. Trump needs Utah and people are voting for a guy because he’s a BYU grad? Come on. He can run in four years or even 8 years. With the SCOTUS up for grabs we can’t mess around.

Except he has no chance to win the Presidency! But he can cause the SCOTUS to lean far far left!

Wow! The stupid runs so deep. Outlaw verbiage. Seriously? The right wing is so far off the cliff it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

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As I weigh the situation I believe this McMullin chap has a good heart but in the end will only draw votes away from non-Hillary voters and thereby increase her chances. A Hillary voter would likely not vote for a white conservative mormon male from Utah in my assessment. In my opinion I find no good coming from a Hillary presidency. I believe there is some good in a Trump presidency. As 'Hopper indicated I believe his Supreme Court nominations will be better. I also believe he will hold more firm to the Constitution. I absolutely believe someone who is not part of the corrupt Washington machine is what we have been asking for decades. Might cause the parties to re-work themselves towards the center, though I prefer conservative or more right leaning values as I believe them to be closer to time tested truths. Going back to a politician is like dogs returning to their vomit (Proverbs 26:11). So I also give Trump the nod for that as well as his much better understanding of business and economics and winning. Is Trump my favorite person? Not hardly. but unlike McMullin, he can actually win without 1/2 dozen miracles and improbable events happening. I totally understand why folks would vote McMullin but the results more than likely would be the same as casting a vote for Hillary. I cannot do that.

Other states are not wobbling because of McMullin. The ONLY chance McMullin has is to win Utah and hope that it causes neither Trump nor Clinton to hit 270 (and there is simply no room for error in that scenario). And then the House would have to vote for McMullin over Trump – never gonna happen. So McMullin has no chance at all. My only point is that Utah, by itself, will simply not affect the overall outcome of the election – unless enough Republicans vote for McMullin that it causes Hillary to win the state. But all of these scenarios are so far-fetched they are not worth considering. Trump is going to win Utah.

Normally, Utah is a solid Republican state. So, the thought he would stop “both” Hillary and Trump is erroneous. It will only stop Trump and help Hillary, period. Congratulations.

You have completely missed my point. I will illustrate my point by scenarios:

  1. Without McMullin in the race, Trump would have won 276+ EVs, which means he is President. If you now change Utah from Trump to McMullin, Trump still wins with 270+ EVs. Result: NO CHANGE.

  2. Without McMullin in the race, Trump would have won less than 269 EVs. If you change Utah from Trump to McMullin, Trump still loses with less than 269 EVs. Result: NO CHANGE.

  3. Without McMullin in the race, Trump would have won between 269-275 EVs, which means he is President. If you now change Utah from Trump to McMullin, neither Trump nor Clinton win 270 EVs, and as explicitly stated in the Constitution, the House of Representatives votes the next President into office. The House is now dominated by the GOP, and that will not change in this election (and they vote before the next President takes office anyway). The House will vote Trump into office over Hillary or McMullin. Result: NO CHANGE.

In ALL 3 possible scenarios, McMullin winning Utah will NOT change the outcome of the election AT ALL. The ONLY way that McMullin hurts Trump and helps Hillary is if HILLARY wins the state. I cannot see that happening.

Hillary and Trump are tied at 26%.

It’s a single poll. Another poll I saw has Trump up 8 in Utah. I am not at all concerned. Clinton’s CEILING is about 35%, which is about where Trump’s floor is. Yes, it is theoretically possible that Clinton wins with 35%, but it would require Trump and McMullin to split in a tie at about 32%. As long as McMullin is polling around 20%, Trump wins – and it won’t be close. If McMullin gets to 30% in the polls, then the nightmare scenario is possible, but in that case, it is possible that McMullin wins outright, and it’s just as likely that Clinton finishes 3rd.

GH: With Hillary in the SCOTUS will not lean left, it will be totally left.
People have to remember the Platforms of both major parties. The Demos are far left, anti-life, anti-traditional family, socialist/communist leaning. The GOP is pro-life, traditional family, and more capitalist than any party, including the third party.

With guys like Beck out there saying Trump is worse hurts. Reminds me of the people in the Book of Mormon. Spreading lies and rumors.

I despise HIllary Clinton but in my opinion America is in big trouble either way. When Trump got the nomination it was reflective of the fact that America is in real trouble. One party lost its soul decades ago and the other lost its backbone several decades ago and is in the process of losing its soul as well… Hillary and Trump are evidence of gross wickedness and spiritual decay in America. We have reached the point that God will no longer bless America as a nation because the greater part of the people have turned their back on him. I think America is on its own.

So, in your honest opinion, what is it about Trump that suggests your conclusion? Besides the normal womanizing that many of our Presidents have done since Washington?

Trump’s certainly no worse than Bill Clinton, probably not as bad but you could usually count on Republican voters to not get taken in by a huckster like Trump. Trump’s character has been well known for years. The fact that he was chosen reflects badly on those who chose him. You knew the Democrats would nominate somebody known to have little or no character. I would have expected the Republican party to do better than Trump. There were many choices far better than Trump. The fact that Hillary and Trump rose to the top is indicative that the country is in real trouble and that it is now obvious there is no real political party that reflects Christian values evenly outwardly. HIllary and Trump are just reflections of their supporters.

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I think we have to look deeper on why Trump drew such a following. It’s not unknown that the Republican voters are tired of sending politians to Washington only to have them be corrupted. People saw in Trump a willingness not to fall in line with the status quo. Dr. Carson was a great choice but people didn’t see the fight in him to take on the status quo. I think he would eventually have done so. But the appearance wasn’t as noticable as Trumps. So, I think we may be judging republican voters wrongly.

aro: And look out for the super powers run by dictators like China and Russia and the smaller dictatorships like North Korea and Iran who will use atomic weapons when they perfect them. The Bozos in Washington will give in to the dictators more and more. Its nothing but bread and circuses in the USA and the downfall of what was once the greatest civilization in history.