What needs to happen Saturday

Make layups. Make short shots. Stop weaving and get into the offense and swing ball from side to side instead at the top of the key to top of the key. Play some two man games. Get ten players into the game in a rotation to keep players fresh.
Try to play better team defense but make sure we just outscore them like we should have with SM. Keep it that simple.

Sure BYU missed some layups and short shots but you are over emphasizing that. They made a lot of very difficult short shots that they probably shouldn’t have.

They relied on Tyler Haws so much last year that nobody else to step up much. Now they think they can rely on KC and CF… but that isn’t working because in the end, basketball is a team sport.

Like we have both said, they needed to get guys like Kaufusi, Aytes, Hartsock AND Chatman more minutes earlier on so they could step in and help out. They still could but for some reason Rose won’t pull the trigger on these guys and let them play.

It’s sad to watch.

I agree about the bigs and Tyler. But they made shots, layups, they should make. They missed open layups and short shots they usually make. 20 to 30 points worth. We would have won big. That’s what happens without continuity. Lack of concentration.

Woulda coulda shoulda is perhaps the worst argument out there when the team is stinking up the court. I disagree with that argument. They missed some open shots but they made quite a few tough shots that they don’t a lot of the time. That is hindsight 20/20 to the max… too easy to say.

Look deeper… for once just try and look a little deeper.

Don’t need to look deeper. It’s so simple. Make layups.
At the beginning of the Laker game tonight, Stu Lance said that the Lakers and 76ers have the lowest shooting percentage and subsequently they have the two worst records too. He too correlates poor shooting with losses too. Like me! You, you are looking for why the moon is in the 7th Heaven and why the moon may refuse to shine :wink: