What Obama and Kerry have done to Israel

WOW! Is the second coming closer than we think? Will there be war against Israel before Obama leaves office because of this? Kerry tells Israel that they have to decide to be Jewish or democratic. Yet, they don’t demand the same thing with Palestinians to be Muslim or democratic. We all knew that Obama was a Muslim in sheepclothing.

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Can you elaborate on this statement a little more. I have no idea what is going on and haven’t seen anything on the news.

What is going on?

Obama orchestrated a UN resolution Friday that demands Israel give up the West Bank including Jerusalem. Kerry gave a 75 minute boring as usual talk where he blamed Israel for no peace agreement and demanded Netanyahu decide if Israel wants to be a Jewish state or a democracy.
The West Bank building homes is suppose to be the reason but the last time Israel stopped building and made people leave the West Bank and Gaza the Palestinians sent thousands of rockets killing a thousand Jews.
Obama had Kerry obstained at the UN allowing the resolution to pass.


that doesn’t sound good.

Obama going out in flames, worst president ever.

The Muslim in Chief. And Kerry is just a blow hard. Israel has been a Jewish Democracy since 1948. 1.7 million Arabs in Israel have complete freedom. Something they don’t have anywhere else in the Middle East.

Grasshopper is upset because Kerry is asking Israel to live up to their promises and not destroy any chance for a two state solution. Don’t worry, if a Republican was doing the exact same thing he’d be fine with it. Just like he’s ok with a Republican president that brags about sexual assault but is infuriated with Hillary for standing by her husband after a concenual affair. That’s the way it is when you have a brain like a ratchet that only turns right. Trump could do virtually anything and grass hopper would be fine with it, and of course Kerry, Obama or any Democrat could never no anything right. Grasshopper thinks this means he has 'values. ’

And this is a illogical emotional response when H’s brain ratchets to the left.
Netanyahu has in the recent past agreed to a two state solution only to be ignored by the Palestinians to even sit down at the table. When Israel gave the Palestinians the Gaza Strip, Israelis living in the Gaza had to move out. And, what did the Palestinians do? Fired thousands of rocket bombs at Israel. Not only that, the Palestinian people elected a Hamas terrorist as their leader. Since then, Hamas builds tunnels into Israel to send killers to kill innocent Israelis and free Palestinians in the way.
The question I would ask Obama is why should Hamas and Radical Muslums be allowed to destroy the freedom of Palestinians enjoy living in Isreal under Jewish law. 1.7 million Palestinians. I suggest that the people in Gaza don’t want Islam to run their lives through Hamas and Iran. The elections were rigged and the people are like those in other countries run by thugs.
This resolution has set back opportunity for a solution and peace. In fact, countries that hate Jews (along with many liberal democrats in the U.S.) to attack Israel both with economics and bombs. We all have known Obama is a Muslim and hates Jews and Isreal. He, like you, has Jewphobia.

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Grasshoppers characterization is actually quite hilarious. Again, Kerry is asking Netanyahu, probably the most right wing prime minister in decades who is hurting Israel’s prospects for peace to live up to their promises so the US abstained from voting on a resolution the whole world is behind, rather than vetoing it. This is the same as what many presidents have done before, including republican presidents. The Obama administration is doing this out of concern for Israel and the prospects for peace in the region. There is no demand for Israel to stop being a democracy or any crazy thing like that. One wonders where grasshopper gets his information since even Fox News isn’t nutty enough to describe things that way. I’m guessing AM talk radio, or alt right web sites.

No President has ever abstained or voted against Israel. The disaster for peace is not Netanyahu. The greatest disaster for peace is Hamas, Iran and the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a country and leave them alone. Since 1948, Muslim countries have attacked Israel with the purpose and goal of destroying Israel and killing all Jews.
10 years ago, Israel pulled out out Jews from Gaza in a gesture of peace and a desire for peace. What did the Palestinians do? They elected a terrorist group, Hamas, to lead them and have fired thousands of rockets and people into Israel to kill innocent Jews a “free” Palestinians in Israel. These are facts.
Therefore, the argument about building settlements on Israeli land in the West Bank is nothing but a red herring distraction by Obama and other Jewphobic Jew hating people from their set up to attack and destroy Israel.
Fortunately, the people of the U.S. Have been voting in over a thousand republicans in Congress, Governorships and state legislators in the past 8 years of the Obama hate movement against conservatives, white people and Jews. Now, born the President and Congress. Exclude California and New York, you are in the minority with you lack of understanding and communist/fascist views.

Describing peoples motivation in the most ridiculously extreme way possible is not what decent human beings do, it’s what extremist nut cases do. You may disagree with The Obama Administration, but when you start ascribing malice to people who are just as concerned about this country as you are, you are saying more about yourself than The Obama Administration. And again many other presidents have done the same thing and I’m sure it didn’t bother you in the least - as long as it was a Republican president.

Here’s a rational description of why The Obama Administration abstained from the vote. You may disagree, but I wouldn’t call you intentionally evil the way grasshopper does anytime people disagree with his extreme views.

Nice try…the left, including Obama and yourself, have been calling Godfearing conservatives racists, bigots, Homophobes and other derogatory names for 8 years now. So, now you want us to treat me you with kindness and compassion while you still attack us and Israel? Not a chance. Just like Obama said, elections have consequences. Get used to it. And if you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out in the first place. You are completely factually wrong on Israel and what they have done for peace while keeping their existence while siding with the Jewphobics and anti-Semite hater bigots.
Yes, there are differences with how to deal with the Middle East conflicts. Obama’s threats and retreats have only in inflamed the entire region. He sided with the Muslim Brotherhood who were the ones who assassinated Anwar Sadat because Egypt made peace with Israel. Same with Jordan. Now, thousands have died in Syria, ISIS was born and more hatred toward Jews and America. More hatred towards little Satan and big Satan. More hatred towards Saturday and Sunday. Now, we are at war with Russia and Obama just inflames that even more because he and Hillary got got breaking laws and losing the election. Now, he wants to triple the Syrian refugees into America before leaving. He’s a Muslim, Jew hating traitor and you continue to defend all of this?

They can say whatever they want. And they do. Obama is accustomed to lying. Fact is, this move destroys any peace attempt while inflaming hatred towards Israel and Jews. Much like he inflamed blacks hating whites, liberals hating whites and so on. Perhaps he should ask Netanyahu what is best for peace. Instead he listens to Muslim Hamas who is alive to kill all Jews and Christians. You want to keep believing him and Kerry, who said that if Isreal-Palestine remains one state that they can’t be what they already are, A Jewish democracy, go ahead. But, the 1.7 Palestinians, most of which live and work freely in Israel, vote and have all the rights Jews have probably don’t agree. Did you think they want to be ruled by Hamas? :upside_down_face:

I guess it just depends on who you trust and believe. Obama telling Israel that he wants to give them 38 billion over the next 10 years (which of course he does not have) so they can be supported militarily and maintain power and control is phony. What has he done with our own country besides going around the world and apologizing, belittling us and basically deteriorating the military of the country he is president of. How does our own military feel about our current potus? Why should B.N. trust Obama and Kerry to do anything helpful? when the two of them have systematically tried to ruin this country?

The US is viewed as weak, apologetic and responsible for all the problems in the world. 250 years of freedom? and the greatest country in the history of the world? Why did/do people from everywhere continue to come? Why does our president undermine everything our ancestors fought for? Currently I am neither right or left… I just want someone who loves this country and loves freedom.

Agreed! And, in this case, history sides with BN. He gave back Gaza and in return attacked with thousands of rockets and 10 years of suicide bombings of Jews and Muslims. So, by giving Palestinians the Westbank and Jerusalem, does anyone believe Muslims will leave Israel alone then? Obama and Kerry are delusional or Jewphobic.
I saw a picture back in 2008 of Obama at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem putting a name in the wall and praying when it was expedient for political purposes to win over Jewish voters in America. Now, he wants to give control of that to Muslim Terrorists of Hamas and Iran.

I have no idea what planet you guys live on. Can you name one single time Obama called anyone a bigot for being religious?can you present just one quote? Of course you can’t, because he’s been nothing but respectful to religious people of all stripes, especially Christians, probably because he is one. Virtually everything you’ve said on this thread is patently false nonsense which you could easily find out for yourselves if you cared, which it’s clear you don’t. You’ve just picked a team and your side can do no wrong and the other side can do no right. Lots of luck living in that bubble. As for grasshoppers statement that no president ever abstained or voted against Israel, that’s as nonsensical as most of the other stuff he writes:

Again, you simply don’t get how bad this decision of Obama and Kerry is. It’s not the number of times. It’s the content. And, Obama constructed all of this because of his hatred of Trump.
What about Obama saying that Republican conservatives cling to their guns and RELIGION! Bigot! But most of it was how he threw God under the bus with his flip on gay marriage.
Then, all the bigot statements when a police officer shoots a black man like Michael Brown. Always quick to condemn white policemen before knowing the facts. Riots break out and not one peep out of Obama to quiet the thugs.
Your desire to ignor facts about the resolution and the rest I write shows you aren’t interested in truth. You just will defend Obama because he’s a Democrat black liberal.

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Those abstentions were for the exact same reasons, Lol! The reason, which Trump doesn’t seem to care one bit about, probably because he has about the same regard for keeping promises, including wedding vows, as Bibi does, is because the Israeli’s are continuing to build settlements when they promised not too and are threatening the prospects for a two state solution. The entire world sees this. Trump will almost certainly stir up more violence and hatred and isolate Israel even more. It’s going to be a long 4 years with that nit wit in charge.

Interesting that you have to go back 8 years to find a quote from Obama from before he was president to find something you think is offensive he said about religious people. To claim that Obama caused violence in the world and completely ignore the fact that his predecessor killed 200,000 innocent Iraqi’s and wasted two trillion dollars on a war that did nothing but create ISIS shows very clearly that you simply don’t care about facts and evidence. You’ve decided what to believe, then find ‘evidence’ that supports your confirmation bias. That’s why it’s a waste of time to try to have a discussion with you.

Most of the entire world are anti-Semites. So don’t use that one.
This same resolution came up before in 2011 when Susan Rice was there and while Obama has been president and we voted NO on the very same resolution. You know so little about this.