What was everyone’s Priesthood Commemoration experiences?

We decided to use a cabin near Lake Piru in Ventura County, Calif. unfortunately, we could only get it on Memorial Day weekend. So, we had a small turnout. But, we had a good time.

My sons are 16 and 17. Both are busy with work and Track. So we didn’t attend this year. But even if they were free, we probably wouldn’t have attended. They don’t enjoy the sleeping part of campouts anymore. Me neither. Two years ago, we went to the campout but stayed until about 11 pm then drove an hour home from Vernonia, OR.

I usually don’t stay because I have to get up early in Saturday’s for Business training my reps. But,’this year I stayed. I took my 14 year old grandson. I just think it’s a great time for bonding with other Priesthood brethren. Something that may be worth a lot soon.

When was it? We had stake conference last week. Perhaps that’s why my stake and ward didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Usually middle of May when the Priesthood was restored. Each stake and Ward sets their date to have it.

Didn’t do anything in our stake… went to the cabin with my 16 yr old grandson and his 3 friends to celebrate my grandson birthday…

I forgot Teenagers don’t sleep on overnighters… :open_mouth:

My grandson does! 8:30 and he was out. What is going on that stakes and wards aren’t commemorating the return of the Priesthood with father (grandfather) and son outings?

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