What we do have confirmation on

Tom Holmoe contacted Pete Carroll for permission to interview the Seahawks OC…and Carroll said no.

Who is Pete Carroll and what is history like to say no. And given coaches penchant for leaving their places of employment whenever it suits them why doesn’t the Y circumvent Carroll in the first place.

Pete Carroll is the HC in Seattle for the Seahawks (NFL), not sure if he is the GM as well… but their assistant Bevell is LDS and under contract with the Seahawks, so they can say “No” and there is nothing BYU can do about it.

The Seahawks are still in playoff contention. Otherwise, I’m sure Carroll would be all for it. After all, a good coach should want a good-sized tree to build his legacy.

Coaches jump away from programs all the time, college and pro. However, it is reported that BYU talked to Carroll and it was decided that Bevell would not be interviewed due to Seattle still in the middle of their regular season. Have no idea what decided means. If Bevell wanted to come to BYU he would and hang the contract. How many contracts have been broken at both the college and pro levels.

However, Bevell could let BYU know he is interested after the season is over. Not sure BYU wants to wait that long. Recruiting has to get started right away.

The Seahawks OC is obligated to the Seahawks until after their January 3rd game. Until after that game, he us off limits to talk to anyone.

January 3 is only 25 days away. Our AD and Pete Carroll are friends and played together while in the 49er’s.
If we don’t have the position filled within the next 25 days, who knows what could happen.

My first choice now, would be Kyle Whittingham, but the OC for the Seahawks would be my second choice since the Navy man is no longer available.

And if the Hawks make the playoffs, longer than that.


While at USC for the very few years he was there, he, Pete Carroll brought two National Championships to that University. When he left USC to go back to the NFL, he, in his first year, brought the SeaHawks to a Super bowl Championship and in his second year,brought the Seahawks back to a play off for the championship. Many of us, not all of us, respect this kind of accomplishment, if not the man. Some of us, not all of us, are not that difficult to deal with.