What we know after the 1st game

1-BYU still suffers from guards getting the basket. Being lean at the post, that will get our few inside players extra fouls.
2- Toolson had a horrible game (and he will be our 2nd or 3rd highest scorer moving forward) but guys like Barcello, Harding and Knell more then made up for it.
3- Lee is the most improved player from last year by a mile. He has some new moves, good passer and actually looks athletic, last year he just looked lost and lumbering. Still puts the ball on the floor where guards can dig it out but he will have to do til Yo gets back.
4- Harding has worked hard at his game. very confident shooting outside and at the rim. nearly had a double double. 8 rebs. way to go.
5-Seljaas still recovering from a broken foot that bothers him but he made up for it with 8 big rebounds.
6- Nixon still can’t shoot
7- Pope has a lot of confidence in Knell
8- after a poor 1st half, TJ still couldn’t hit the 3, so he went to work inside, gets a lot of fouls on the other team, and missed most of his FTs, hahaha first game jitters I guess. such a smart player.
9- Barcello, for a new guy, he is already a team leader. Stat filler. Just love how he would torment the other teams bigs and guards. Had both Wang and Kamba swearing under their breath when Barcello drew 2 quick fouls on each. 4 steals to go with 7-9 from the field and 3-4 from 3land. We would be a mess had Barcello not gotten that waiver.