What we learned from the ISU game

  1. ISU has some good shooters, Stutzman, the Chilean, Luzcando, and Topolovic came to play. good group, should do well in the Big Sky.

  2. BYU held their shooter, Macson, to 4 total points. 0-6 from the 3. Winning with defense, right Harold?

  3. I saw one bad shot from BYU the entire game…from Haws, resulted in a dunk on the other end. Coach Rose calls a timeout and Shroyer tells Haws that we will have none of that going forward.

  4. Bryant was a quiet killer out there. played a near perfect game again filling up stats everywhere. He also kept ISU’s best, Stutzman under his average.

  5. Haws continues to play very smart ball.

  6. Hardnett is a quiet killer out there, stopping point guards and driving to the hoop when he needs to. Very undervalued as a Cougar as this is the second game that Hardnett has made life tough for the floor generals.

  7. Childs is a Freak. Sure the 7 footer scored ISU’s first 10 points but in the second Childs blocks him and Topalovic got maybe one basket after that. Childs 20, 8 rebs, 2 blocks and 4 steals are game changers.

  8. Worthington got 11 minutes and Dastrup got 14 minutes so we all got our wish. One play defines why Dastrup needs to be out there. The Childs’ steal and dish to Dastrup…he could of taken the layup but instead Dastrup looks back, sees Bry. traling and mid-air, he passes to Bry for a 3. Few 6’10 guys could pull that off. Dastrup is playing crazy good ball and will continue to eat Worhtington;s minutes. He also will chew on Seljaas minutes but in defense of Seljaas, the kid spreads the floor because of his rep as a 3 point specialist. Seljaas did have a 6 assist night.

  9. Who thought we would be this good at this time of the year? I thought we would be OK but Bryant, Childs and new coach Shroyer have made BYU good. I will add that Hardnett and Cannon as points are the single biggest reason why our team is so stable. Our defense on guards is the best I have seen in foreever.

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I generally agree with your post, fish. I am just withholding some judgement on the defenses ability to hold form against WCC competition at home and away. Not sold on Zach on defense and not sure about our ability to stop a good big man! Childs can’t be used to defend a good post player or he will get in foul trouble. What we need is for Andrus to get on the court and give us 6 pts and 6 rebounds a game and then gradually increase!

hey, we got dastrup :grinning:

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Great summary Fish. I missed the ISU game but I’m visiting family in Provo and my brother-in-law very kindly donated his tickets for my son and I to see the game in person. That’s a rare treat for me and I can’t wait. Hope they keep up the great play.

Wow, Texas Southern is really 0-12? Guess it will be a nice practice game anyway.

Don’t expect TxSo to roll over and quit. They are good enough to beat BYU on a great night. There is plenty of talent on that team. ISU made it close for about 20 minutes and I expect TxS to do the same. Enjoy the game, you should be able to get very close to the action because I think a ton of Coug fans will not be going.

I agree but Rose has used Childs on 2 seven footers now and he has not gotten the cheap fouls that he was prone to do last year. I too would not risk it, choosing to put Worthington or Dastrup on the Centers of the WCC. Its just that when Worthington is in there, our offensive punch goes way down (80K reference there)

Seljaas is good for offense, bad for D but we can always hide him until we meet SMC or Gonzaga because they have 5 shooters on the floor, anybody else has 2 or 3.

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Careful here because they have played tough down at the wire to better teams. And yes 12 road games were all lost and hopefully we can finish them on their last road trip. They should be warn out by now.
Watch for this one little (5’7") guy who is really good.

Interesting part I read on DN it says: “Despite its winless record, Texas Southern is expected to win the SWAC this season and earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament, just like it did last season.”

So, enjoy the game.

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Thanks! I’m sure it will be fun. I’m glad they’re re at least a decent team. BYU better win though! A loss would be catastrophic so I hope it’s not close at the end. My brother-in-laws tickets are only a few rows up at mid Court so it should be a blast!

If BYU were to lose this game somehow their ncaa hopes would disappear unless they won the wcc tournament.

Yep, just one hiccup away from disaster…that is the risk of scheduling this type of team!

They had 3 starters sitting out for some reason. Glad they didn’t play because we were off on offense.