What we learned from the SUU=hyu game

Hill was sharp at times, Made his best pass of the year to Kurtz for a TD. If you go back and look at his pass completions, the timing is just not there…high (Juergens), behind (all of his passes in the flat.
Hill is unstoppable in 3rd and short and that is the single greatest reason why BYU has won as many games as it has this season.
Kaylen Hall’s boy is ligit! That dude is fast. wow
El -Bakri, where has this dude been. Soft hands and tough to tackle as a runaway train.
And lastly, my guy Tanner Mangum. Sharp, lazar arm. The difference between Hill and Mangum is night and day. Mangum’s passes are in stride and when the receiver is full speed when the ball gets there, we are talking another 10 yards per pass vs; Hill- his pass gets there and the receiver has to stop, many times reverse direction just to get the ball and by then he is tackled.
Such a joy to watch Mangum work

KJ looked very good against a lower division team–let’s hope he looks just as good against P5 competition next year! He looked VERY fast, and even at the goal line the second effort was very encouraging.

I agree Mangum looked good–even scampered up the middle for a nice run. We will be in good shape for the next couple of seasons at quarterback, assuming no injuries.

There was one pass Tanner made when he rolled to his right to avoid the pursuit and threw a laser 15yds down field to the only spot the receiver could have caught it without the defender knocking it away. It was a sliding catch for the receiver about a foot above the ground. Amazing throw! That’s what’s got me excited about the Tanner era.

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If you read what Gavenman says, Tanner is not even average, he is pretty bad.

Not sure what Gavenman’s problem is… :smirk: