What we learned from the TS blowout

1- BYU looked pretty ordinary on that 1st TS drive, then the D buckled down and allowed just 21 yds for the entire half and remained that way the rest of the game until our starters sat the entire 4th qtr…
After our fumble inside the 10, Our D came out and stuffed TS. Stout, impressive.

2- Good to see Tonga Back, NFL talent. BYU stuffs the run when he is in there.

3-Kaufusi gets his pic 6. morphs into a running back and makes 5 defenders miss. This write up covers Kaufusi and the D pretty good.

The one line that caught my eye: Tuiaki was upstairs in the booth, hmmmm?

4- besides a near perfect game, Wilson threw the most impressive TD in college football this year. running to the opposite side of the field and without a true step in, 63.5 yd strike to Milne. Maybe a handful of QBs could make that throw and they all play on Sundays.

5- great to see Fonua back out there, some rust but he is needed. Also makes me truly appreciate what Allguiers is doing.

6- Wow, Rex is the next great BYU TEnd.

7- Tuipolutu comes back from not one ACL put 2 in 2 years and sheds a DB on his 1st catch. Power. We have got some DUDES on this team.

8- BYU’s Oline finally looked like what we’ve been told all pre-season. They just wore out TS. Hoke looked like a man out there his first game back since the Navy drubbing.

9- That Punter sneak??? Who called it? Poor form when you are up by a million Reminds me of the Whittingham onsides kick against Wy when they were up by a million. I did not catch in post game comments if Sitake was on board with it???

10- BYU has all the weapons and a NFL qb. Would be a travesty not to see BYU in a big game against the very best teams in America at end of the year.

No one called the Punter sneak. He saw the opening. He’s still out there playing the game. I have no problem with it.
In the 70’s and early 80’s, UTEP used to do a bunch of gadget formations. They would get some yards early and score. But we would quickly figure it out and stop them like we stopped TS. I wouldn’t doubt WK try some things as well.
Rest of your post is spot on.

Sitake said he didn’t call it. The punter apparently has the green light if the defense does certain things in a punting situation. He said he regreted that the punter did it. I believe he said he should have said something to the punter before he came onto the field. After the game it was obvious he was apologizing to the Texas State coach. Kids that are in their late teens to early twenties aren’t always going to make the right decision. He’s in the game and has been told he can do it and the situation presented itself so he did it and you can understand why. How often does a punter get to carry the football? It’s the same with backups that are in the game during a blowout. They want to show what they can do and the coach has to tell them to call only running plays and take a knee at the end.

It wasn’t the coaching staff’s call. The punter took off based on his own judgment and what he has been told in the past. I am sure he will be told in the future not to do that in a blowout.

Sitake is a classy dude. I fully understand that the punter took the initiative, as you say, Punter had the green light and took it. I was hoping Sitake was explaining in their post game hug.

Sitake said he did not call that play, but it is a standard look on a BYU rugby type punt. If the punter observes a lane opening up he can take the opportunity. I saw that the prognosticators for ESPN predicting bowl matchups-one predicted BYU in the Fiesta Bowl, the other The Great Potato Bowl in Boise. I would predict the Potato Bowl as a big disappointment. Glad to see Hoge back and hope Empey and Romney are back for at least 2 quarters against WK. The OL will be the magic key to an unbeaten season

It is fun to dream again, isn’t it. There is no way on this green earth that if BYU is undefeated, BYU would be stuck with the Potato Bowl. I would hope we got a shot at Cinn at a major bowl at the very least. A whole lotta football to be played yet.

Heck, the P12 is two weeks away from playing it’s 1st game. We have to account for both the P12 and the big 10 and how those teams get ranked.

I’m thinking even with one loss BYU gets a good bowl game. And it is fun to dream again

Listening to a BYU podcast about the subject, If BYU were to lose one game, It would be completely out of the big bowl picture. Sorry but our schedule is just too weak to be considered. A drop of good news is that BSU cracked the top 25 @23. Too bad we couldn’t meet later, when BSU is a top 15 or better team.

I think that if BYU loses to BSU we drop to the bottom of the top 25, and if we get beat badly, we fall out. Ditto SDSU. It’s a weird season and I think it’s undefeated and top 10 going into the bowl, or not ranked at all.

Lets beat WK before we worry about Boise. :grinning:

BSU is 21 now, but it would be a devastating loss none-the-less as far as New Years Day bowls go