What we learned from the USU game

USU came back strong after getting down by 11. Their freshman, Worster, is going to be special

We were up 8 when Averette shoved the Fr Worster. From that moment on, USU chipped away. Averette had 3 costly turnovers, 2 late in the game and Pope finally had to insert Johnson to stop the hemorrhaging. He is by far our weakest starter, by a mile. Can’t trust what he is going to do with the ball

Barcello has got to demand the ball in tight games otherwise BYU just wastes possessions.

We tried at least 6 lobs down low after pic and rolls that got Queta isoed on a guard. got maybe 1 basket, the rest were turnovers. Lohner is a turnover machine with the ball. Got blocked at the rim 3 times when he should just trust the force and explode. Rooooookie But Lohner hit 3 big 3s and was 2nd highest scorer in the game, He also shut Bean down as did George.

To have a lineup of Barcello, Harding, Lohner, Haarms and Johnson at the end of the tied game says a lot about where we are as a team. I believe last game we had Barcellp, BA, Lohner, George, Harding lineup in the St Johns game.

I think Haarms completely stymied Queta the final 3 minutes of the game. And USU bricked two wide open 3s. Harding’s 3 from the corner kind of iced the game for BYU. But Barcello is the king of this team .Lee needs more minutes, he is our best big scorer

Johnson is playing like he wants more minutes, Knell did not play (injury?)

USU was 2-14 from long range and 35% shooting on the night, at home…Loss ever time.

I have to say that BYU is 4th or 5th place in the WCC at this time. BA has a lot to do with our struggles.

We don’t have anyone that can create his own shot. AB nor BA have done it. Harding hasn’t done it. Haarms hasn’t done it. The closest is Lee and he hasn’t played in 2 games.

Lohner needs to be more confident around the basket and go up with authority and slam dunk some balls.

Here in Oregon I can’t get the Mtn West Comic Network on Directv, so I missed the game but followed play by play, while I meditated on what could have made Sitake make NO defensive adjustments at halftime, and how Kaufusi—routed as a future NFL player—look like a grade school kid in a high school game. But I digress…

BA is a major disappointment. Johnson looks slow and earthbound, but at least has a smooth shot and tries to stay within his limitations. BA looks like a rat baller gone wild out there. Yet another game with more TOs than assists. Not acceptable at all. Maybe start George or Knell amd being BA off the bench.

I don’t like seeing a box score saying that more than half of my my 7’3” center’s shots are 3s. Come on Coach Pope!! And thank goodness Harding made that last theee because it looks like he totally stunk it up out there the entire game until then.

I agree this team either gets reimagined or finished in the middle of the WCC.

Popes recruit, BA is just killing us out there. At least when Lohner makes his mistakes, even he knows he IS making them and he is hard on himself for it. Hence the apprehension around the rim.

Haarms was really gimping out there, that ankle is still not OK, but he was the MAN out there, stoppng Queta over and over in the last 3 minutes. Big Heart and if we can get the ankle healed up, Haarms will be big down the road.

Lastly, Barcello has never been a driver. He’ll do it if Pope calls a play but he was in heaven last year when TJ would drive and kick out back to Barcello’s auto 3. Enter erratic BA. and now you see why BYU got blown out by USC and why we hemorrhage possessions. And because of our lack of playmakers, I see SDSU as a big loss, can’t believe I’m saying this but SMC loss and losing to SF and even Pepperdine. Gonzaga would chew us up for 30.

I would give Erickson a try it this time.

Good plan-let’s at least see what Erickson’s got and then we can put it to rest. BYU shot 28% in the 2nd half-not going to win many games doing that. The big problem with Lee is not real good court vision and of course, no hops. Nice little hook though. It would be nice to see BYU make a concerted effort to take the ball to the rim against Boise State

Agreed on Haarms-should be getting him the ball on the blocks or lobs to the basket. If he wants to play anywhere at the next level, he’s going to have to be able to score down low. Need to get a look at Erickson and see what’s what

BYU put up 22 three point attempts @USU, we average 29. That feels right when you are on the road. BYU will put up over 30 in the BSU game. USU put up 13 threes, they made just 2, they average 20 APG from 3. That was the ball game.

You can bet BYU will attempt more then 30 three point shots in the Marriott. BSU is NOT a good 3 point % team but they defend the 3 well.

We have only 2 games this week. More time for practice and get things ironed out. Give some time for Haarms to heel up a bit. Although, he blocked a lot of shots in difficult positions too. I think the ankle is okay. He’s just not good at getting to the basket. He needs to be able to turn and drive as well. Miss Yoli Childs.