What will BYU basketball look like next year

This smack down of SMC got me thinking about our team next year as SMC is playing 4 5th year seniors and clearly will be retooling in 2016.

BYU losses Haws, Halford, Sharp and Winder.

We have KC, Fischer, Austin, Bartley, Kaufusi, Neilson, Aytes, Chatman, Davis and Worthington. We lose Nixon, Toolson and Andrus to missions. We add some pretty good talent in Emery and Zac Seljaas

Starters KC, Fischer, Austin Kaufusi, Aytes or Davis (suddenly BYU looks pretty balanced)
Bench: Emery, Chatman, Davis, Neilson, Worthington and Seljaas ( feels like I am missing someone, Ainge’s son) I’m sure there are some missionaries coming back.

Prognosis…We will have 3 point guards in KC, Emery and Chatman all state MVP type players. Grade A
Shooting Guards: Fischer and Bartley, suddenly an area of concern B minus
Power forward: Aytes and Davis, a strong presence we have not had for many years, B plus
Center: Kaufusi, Austin and Neilson.Grade B, a huge upgrade from the D minus from this season.
Overall…BYU will be a Bubble team again, not as good at scoring compared to this year but surely more balanced and a better defensive team.

The smack down got me thinking of the famous tandem of Jekyll and Hyde…

Sounds a lot like what we will be looking at next season as well… and certainly reflective of how the team was handled, developed and progressed this year.

I base my ideas and opinions on actual events and what I see.

I think we will see more of the “D” we played at Gonzaga in the 73-70 victory. Quincy might be just the guy to fire up this locker room. WE are going to be young but with just enough experience to be solid and with a deep bench. A deep bench allows us to taylor our game to match up better with our opponent on any given night. Gotta play “D” like we did in that win at Gonzaga. Keep fresh legs on the floor and wear opponents down. Just imagine if this team comes out healthy and fires on all cylinders… 9 or 10 guys on fire, with power and size and “D” inside. KC working his magic with four or five more triple doubles. Kaufusi owns the paint…Aytes and Davis take it to the hole and score…WOW.