When do stats lie

Have you ever seen a team make as many mistakes/bad plays as Utah State?

Points to the BYU D line. But the rest of the team, outside of Mathews, is not doing a thing. Utah State and the play of the BYU D line are all that has kept Utah State from destroying BYU. And this game isn’t over.

BYU may win, but this BYU fan has to admit that we are now the third best team in the state. And for what it’s worth, I’ll take Tyson Hill over Mangum any day. The lack of mobility on Mangums part is very evident. We were told he had some mobility, just not like Hill. Wrong. He has very little mobility and no speed to even mention. I really hope Hill comes back as I do not believe that next year Mangum can give this team the backfield that can produce a winning season

Third best team in the state? Really.

Earth to Rudi: BYU is up by 16 in the fourth quarter. Yes, hardly a great BYU game, but come one, they are better than Utah State. If USU wins, then you may have a point.

I actually agree

Just don’t like the way the offense played, particularly in the first half. We should have been down big after 2 but Keaton and Co. where in a giving mood.

We won but it just didn’t feel good, but I did like the play of the D-line.

I agree with Hiil over Mangum. I think we would be 11 - 1 with Hill and Jamal

Tanners QBR is better than Taysoms ever was. Tanner is a lot better QB than Taysoms is. Yes Taysoms can run and run and run…but will get hurt. BYU needs to keep developing Tanner, he’s the future NOT Taysoms. And BYU beat the breaks off of USU today. Hopefully BYU gets Utah in Vegas and the Cougs win the State Championship.

Taysom would have passed better than Mangum. And with the running ability he would have carried to 11 wins and a better chance with Michigan.

Rudi and Grasshopper, I agree that Taysom is a much better runner than Tanner, but don’t forget he was told to slide rather than try to pickup the extra yardage. Remember, if he went down to injury we would really be hurting. No one with any kind of experience to take his place. However, Tanner is by far a better passer…

Of course, did not you watch the Utah State Vs Boise State game? Almost every team has a game where their heads are just not in the game. Remember Michigan? I tend to believe that was an example of being really tired though.

SG: From what I saw of MIchigan against Ohio State, BYU just isn’t in the class as winning P-5 teams.

To me the lack of total team depth is why BYU is not in a P-5 league. But you have to give BYU credit for what we did in the last two minutes of the first half and how well we played in the second half against USU, or how bad USU played in the second half. If we played the YEWTS in the BYU Bowl, erh the Deep Purple Bowl in Vegas it would have to be another Nebraska miracle game for BYU to win in the LV Bowl against Winnie’s Utie’s…

OS lost to a weaker team. Everyone has a bad hair day. Everyone was saying that the start of the season with this schedule a 8-4 or even 7-5 would have been good. That was with Hill and Williams playing. The kids proved themselves to be a better than average team.

Agreed, Scott!

Depends what conference you are referring to. BYU matches up ok against winning teams in some of the P5 conferences, but the Big Ten and especially programs like OSU, Michigan, MSU, Alabama, LSU in the SEC are going to be difficult, but on any given day BYU can compete with PAC 12 schools and have shown so in bowl games. We will have more evidence next year, but we have always competed with schools like Texas, TCU, Utah, Oregon State, Nebraska, KSU, Arizona, ASU-the list goes on and on-so yeh I think BYU can be at least at 500 team in almost all P5 conferences and most of those conferences go to bowl games at 500 with a great boost in recruiting so the quality of the program is a non-factor imo.