When Gonzaga wins the National Championship Game

BYU is #1 as the only team to beat them :slight_smile:

if only it were true.

Too bad they didn’t have a tougher game too get them to the Final Four.

But Few just cemented his Hall of Fame resume.
Now if he can win the championship, BYU will at least have one forever remembered game from this year.

GU is still in better position either they play Florida or S Carolina. Yeah, they got the best path so far and good for them.

South Carolina has surprised everyone. Gonzaga may be the next team to fall to SC but if they advance to the semi-finals, that will be quite the feat. It would be quite a feather in BYU’s cap if Gonzaga ends up winning the National Championship with the loss to BYU as its only blemish.

And for those that say basketball and other sports are fixed, this proves them wrong.
I will say, the refs in the NC/KY game started out sleeping. Those 2 goal tending calls bad calls. 2nd half the refs did a good job. KY got the right person shooting the ball. It just happened to go in.

Come off of it.
The WCC officers or officials or powers or whatever the conspiracy consists of must have just increased their influence over the NCAA tournament.
The Final Four is nothing but a set up for Gonzaga and the WCC to prove their dominance…No way could Gonzaga actually be good enough to win without conspiratorial henchman to clear the way for them.

LOL!!! You have a good sense of humor. Oregon didn’t go to a final of any kind since 1939. SC and GU have never been in a final 4. NC is the only team that has. Should be an interesting final 4.

two of the final 4 refs…WCC.

What say you, Jim?

There are no WCC refs. There is only a consortium of all western conferences - PAC12, WCC, MWC, Big West, Big Sky, and I think one other drawing a blank it it right now.
That two of the officials are from the west is called balance. The NCAA chooses the refs for the final 4 for quality and balance. That way, whichever teams actually make the finals doesn’t have a legitimate claim like you just made…

Come on now Herald. They reffed in the WCC. That’s all I said. Don’t read into anything that I didn’t say as a claim

you’re right I read your legitimacy claim into the statement…but as you like to say you’ve repeated it so many time.

Harold, Hopper really believes his comment!