When it comes to sports, I hate living in Boise

Here’s hoping for a BYU-style collapse in the second half. Misery loves company.

I am too depressed to have misery. It makes it so much worse to see Mississippi’s name in my bracket. I don’t think it is possible for any other team to have a BYU type collapse. That is one for the ages.

BSU got screwed…

How in the world does a team get to play a ncaa tournament game, no less of the play-in variety, on their home floor?

Say what you want about how they had their chances, the game was officiated fairly, or whatever nonsense comment anybody wants to make, that just wasn’t right.

Did anybody see BSU’s last second shot attempt to win the game? The BSU coach made no excuses, even when he said he had tried to get a timeout well before the clock ran out but couldn’t be heard because of the noise.

What kind of bogus institution is the ncaa? that allows a play in game to be played on one teams home floor? It’s bad enough that Duke always gets to play a virtual home game every year but come on…

The bad part of that was Dayton deserved a real spot, not a play in spot. It’s like the comittee forgot about them.

Well, ummmm…the NIT plays at home courts :wink:

I don’t agree with it either. I also believe only 16 seed teams should be in play-in games. Last ones in…

BSU is not a religious institution so I don’t know what you are talking about referees had something to do with this loss. Anymore than BYU losing. Heck, we beat Gonzaga on our home court and they beat us on our home court. The better team in any given night can win…

It’s like I keep saying. Only 16 seed teams should be playing play in games, period. Not 11 seeds.

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What made it hard for BYU was we have no real interior presence where we can go to get scores when the outside game falls apart because of poor passing and shooting. Next year, that all changes for years to come. And, we will still have the great outside shooting presence with potential great ball handling too…

right on…

as usual you don’t know what I am talking about.

Nothing new here.

If anybody doesn’t think there is an east coast bias they are nuts. Outside of UCLA, the teams out west are getting screwed big time.

The worst group of officials in the tournament did the Eastern Washington-Georgetown game tonight. It was a well played close game with EWU leading by 3 when a flagrant foul, right in front of the ref, went uncalled. The refs piled on EWU for several minutes after the no call and Gtown went on an 18-2 run that basically ended the game in the first half. EWU made a valiant run late but it wasn’t happening.

It was a terrible display of officiating and the expected make up calls, when it didn’t matter, followed late in the second half. I’ve seen this scenario play out so many times it’s ridiculous.