Where are you guys at?

I really liked to read you guys on the old board and apparently this forum is just dying a slow death as the number of posts are way down.

So I ask, where are you guys? Are you posting on another board? If you are, please tell me which one.


Most of us are frustrated with the lack of response from the “management” of this website for improving it.

It is harder to use, and harder to follow threads…

Just my opinion…

It was much easier to follow posts with the old format. I used it on my phone then and now, and I didn’t mind how it appeared. It’s sad, because this was the only board I enjoyed reading, but now there is hardly any traffic here. I used to get away with lurking, but feel pressed to contribute because there isn’t any conversation.

I am with you 100 % Floyd.Kind of like our political scene in the USA.

I also think they really wanted this website to be just BYU news. I really don’t understand that, because if I want BYU news I can just check the newspapers.

Is there any other board you guys comment on?

The way things have gone since the takeover it makes me wonder if a competing board didn’t buy this site and then just let it die a slow death.

There are so many thing that went wrong and it has been difficult to get used to the new way, in spite of the fact that many of us have tried.

Actually Jim, we should probably be thanking the owners of the site. I know that for me, and probably for others, I spent way too much time on the old site, logging in several times a day. Now, with this poorly designed set of chat boards, I spend less time here (usually once a day or less) and more time on things I should really be focused on - family, work, and other Cougar fan sites.

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Just waiting for Football to get going. Most people forget that most of the conversations died off even on the old boards during this time of year.

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