Which recruit stands out the most?

Who really turns your head in the 2016 group?
Mique Juarez (even his name sounds fast) would be my fav by far but I am very leery of this BYU visit being anything other than as a favor to mom and family.

Caden Haws highlight reel got my attention. He is low center of gravity and just moves people. @285 lbs. and at Center, he looks like he could move right in and start.

What say you.

3 years ago our little public high school football team beat Juarez’ high school team in a CIF title game on North Torrance’ home field. I’m guessing he was a freshman back then…

I haven’t spent any time looking at the recruits this year… so I don’t really know.

I simply don’t know enough about them to speculate yet but to me the biggest recruiting success is Ty Detmer. If he can translate his quick football IQ to offensive execution by the players, then very good things will happen for all the recruits. The offense will shine and the defense will be pumped and motivated and perhaps spend less time on the field thus giving them time to rest and scheme their own adjustments.

I hope Trinnaman (sp?) will be a truly gifted receiver and returner. I hope Haws will anchor or sometimes less than effective o-line. I hope Kafusi’s performance exceeds that of his brother.

I heard Jason Munns was coming back for 2016. He’s going to start all over as a 30 year old freshman!!

Too bad Ty wasn’t here 5 years ago. Munns would be a household name with an nfl contract right now.

Sadly he just didn’t have that gritty, type A personality Bronco required for his qb have.

You tell Bronco M that. Sorry, to me this is getting old, I wish that he had played to see what he can do but his time for college FB is over.

My bad… I didn’t mean to get you going on the Munns rants again.

Is it therapeutic for you?

I think Troy Warner will have a real impact but I am also psyched for Handsome Tanielu who has already signed.

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Have you and Munns ties the knot yet?

Sure thing grasshopper. The knot was tied, but unfortunately it was a double sided slip knot tied to a hangman’s noose. Also it was cinched up with gritty, soggy noodles. Long live #13.

Somewhat, yes.

Well David, I’m as sick of bringing it up just as much as you are sick of hearing about it. I too wish it hadn’t happened but it did, which was indictive of the problems plaguing byu’s former coaching regime. IMO talent evaluation was byu’s #1 issue during the Bronco years. Not trying to bag on Bronco, honestly. He had his good moments too.

One thing is for sure, what the new staff lacks in actual college football coaching experience they more than make up for in recognizing who the talented players are and getting them on the football field. Too many quality, nfl caliber athletes rotted and went to waste on the byu sideline.

Give it a year or two… Anae’s gfgh gaffe will be nothing more than a Robotically implanted memory.

Is spring here yet? Glad January is over with and seven months to go. I hope our Basketball team do well of the remaining 2nd half of rec league!.

I’m of the school who thinks it’s better to have better players.