Who should go NBA? Mika or Neilsen?

After Neilsen out played Mika and carried UVU to a victory over the LP3, since some think Mika is going to the NBA, then Neilsen should too. Or maybe we should relax and let these players grow a bit.

Yes, I’ll have a little whipped cream with that humble pie. You have to credit Pope for the job he is doing at UVU. Terry Nashiff has been in charge of the offense with this team. I hope he spends some time watching film of this game. Bottom line, UVU was able to knock down open shots and BYU doesn’t have good 3pt shooting so far this year. Watching UVU move the ball on offense was impressive. They seemed to be able to get uncontested open looks almost every possession.

I was at Hawks home watching the football game last night. He wasn’t able to watch the game and see how well they moved the ball. He called them a JC team. But, they recruited some good talent to fit in with the former Cougars. Yes they lost to GU. But they learned bunches and came in shooting very well.

The poor shooting we are exhibiting is simple poor shooting mechanics. Our 3 pointers are mostly taken too far out to maintain good mechanics. We don’t square to the basket and we don’t get our feet under. We drift forwards a lot. We go side to side a lot too. Lazy shooting and then they get right about missing and it goes bad from there.
Yet, we score 101 points.
They had 4 players score over 20 including one off the bench. Our defense is to blame for both losses. Lazy, lazy, lazy. How many times did I see our players standing around for rebounds! While UVU went aggressive after the ball. Are we tired? Do our kids stay up studying all night? That’s how they are playing.
Hawks is also right that there seems to be no accountability with poor play either. Look how skinny our players tend to be and stay all 4 years. Not other teams. Neilsen would still be a bean pole if he were coached by Rose. Something needs to change. Getting stronger won’t hurt Haws shot. It will help his shot.

Agree with you and Hawks on every point. The “lazy” issue really bothers me because that’s strictly a mind set, and 6 games and lots of practice into the season, these guys have the wrong mindset. And I also commented on the 3 point shooting. They need to “work” for a good, squared off shot from just outside the line rather then the running, fading, floating out of range stuff that’s being chucked up. These guys CAN shoot, but outside of Steph Curry, there are precious view I can name who can hit that stuff consistently. Good example to follow is Clay Thompson - he works hard at squaring up every time (although when he’s on, it really doesn’t matter).

This isn’t a credit to what they did, our program is what it is, a second rate mid major that may end up 3-4 in the WCC.