Why are the records so important to BYU?

I have never seen a team that is so focused on each and every little statistical record that is broken or achieved on a game to game basis than BYU is.

Why do I mention this? Because it is talked about ad nauseum and it’s tiring. Why the obsession?

Does somebody feed this information to Wrubell continuously before, during and after the game?

Chase Fischer now has 6 20 pt. games this season, which is 9th on the BYU all time list.
Kyle Collinsworth is now 8th all time in assists, 23rd in scoring and …
Bronson Kaufusi is only the fifth BYU player to dunk off an inbound pass.
Zac Seljaas is the fourth freshman to make 10 3 pointers in a season…

on and on it goes… and it is not only distracting to the fans but the players and coach as well… it takes away from the focus to just win games.

Mmmm…maybe because we aren’t winning enough and it sounds good to put up statistics.
I will say that stats and records like KCs triple double make national attention for BYU and the Church. I’m for that…