Why BYU beat Arizona State and why we will be good moving forward

Top 10 reasons why BYU beat ASU:

  1. Les Stadium was responsible for at least 1/2 of all the penalties in the ASU game. They were not prepared for all the noise
  2. Hall continues to play very smart ball…he can sling a very accurate ball with heat and has the legs to break on for the house. His draft status is flying up the ratings. (just got the wind knocked out of him on his last play, thank goooooooodness.
  3. We wore ASU out in the final qtr. while we could not run the ball for 3 qtr’s, our line just moved them down the field on that final drive. Our Oline has been stellar.
  4. Algiers may be a NFL talent…maybe…but his rundown on the interception and ball SPIKE was a top 10 play of the entire year.
  5. Pau’u IS an NFL talent. period. Hall could throw exclusively to him and they still would not be able to stop him.
  6. Romney wanted badly to put it to ASU being just miles from them, 6 rec/1 td…I would have to say, he did just that…Our receiving core is elite as was reported in summer and when the Nacua bros get into the action, watch out.
  7. Romney; AKA- Cool Hand Luke. Ballsy call and to come in and just hit Rex…no big deal. Top 10 call and top 10 completion of the year.
  8. Rex, 2 receptions, 2 TDs. He doesn’t swagger, he is a struttin peacock, that is what that dude is.
  9. You have to give it to Roderick, He knows his players well and called an excellent game…any questions, refer back to # 8!!!
    10 can we just get off of Tuiaki’s back? Outside of the drop back 8 when we have then pinned on the 3 yard line on 3rd down and 20!!! I would have to say, he has called a pretty good D game.

Good list and accurate.
Hall needs to work on a couple of things.

  1. Get rid of the ball under pressure. Throw away. Strongly.
  2. Learn to throw back shoulder passes. Haven’t seen one in 3 games. I don’t think he makes that pass to Rex. Work on it.

I like Jaren Hall of how he uses His feet. But those three games so far three and out at the start of the game and after the halftime was very concerning. I like to see him to throw more when we know we got the best receivers and I wonder sometime having Baylor Romney play a little bit of passing game. Baylor looks so calm when he threw a pass to Rex.
Defensive coordinator Tuiaki is doing better this year and yes last year but this year we got 12th man in the stadium (cougar fans and ROC). Hopefully we could see those Cougar fans on the road games.

When are going to see what?

You have to understand that my eyes are not wonderful anymore by being almost blind so be patient with me OK hopper. I hit the reply button by accident and I had to come back to re-edit and to add my stuff when typing

Hall hasn’t learned to throw to the height of our receivers over the shorter defenders. He hasn’t learned to throw the back shoulder pass either. But, he has the ability to run and keep defenses honest every play.
Also, we saw why Romney needs to be healthy. So, keep him on the sideline in case Hall goes down.

Fish, I can’t disagree. Another GREAT call by Roderick was to have Jaren fake the dive and keep it around left end (the play he got hurt on); literally 15 seconds before that I texted my friend on the sidelines “fake dive/Jaren pull it and run”. …yes, prophecy in action.

Allgeier might lack top end NFL speed, but at worst he will be signed as a FA and make a practice squad, but I think he makes a team. Too fast, too tough, too instinctual, and too powerful to ignore.

PS I have spent a lot of time on around football, and have never ever ever seen what Allgeier showed us on “The Play.” One of the two best defensive plays in BYU history.

Pau’u keeps getting open. Gunner is REALLY dangerous downfield. Can’t wait to see the Nacuas get involved and for the TE to get more looks. Need to be more aggressive on both sides of the ball earlier in the game.

Prophecy? :-/~

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Good list that focuses on our beloved Cougars.

Most of the commentary I have seen though analyzes the game as more how ASU lost than BYU won…

Football is a great game for many reasons. I felt that ASU had the more athletic team, the better line, the better QB, and the better scheme (HOW MANY open seam routes was BYU going to allow??). ASU SHOULD have won, and maybe they would have won at home. But the schedule is the schedule. The crowd and the pressure got to ASU and they choked. Huge credit to Kalani for keeping our team calm in the 3rd quarter when we were on our heels and it looked like WE would choke away another game to a quality opponent. And I’ll say it again: I think the crowd and “The Play” won that game, plain and simple.

So I am one who believes that ASU should have won but just peed down their leg and crumbled under pressure. I think ASU has the potential to be a better team than BYU, but BYU was the better team in that game, and deserved the W.

Well, we have beat 3 P5 teams in a row. While home team advantage helps, we beat them. And, we didn’t play as well as we could have too. So, I think we “beat” them… :sunglasses:

I think Byu has more weapons than ASU but would most likely be Byu if we had to play in their house so I completely agree with your assessment. I think ASU is way better than Utah. Utah is in big trouble