Why BYU beat Keep it real, Portlandia

1 this game was won on Coaching, Did Pope outcoach Coach Legans? Nope, the #1 reason why this game was lost, Legans left his best scorer in the game after he got his 2nd foul. just before the half Woods was his with a ticky tack foul #3 and threw the ball at the ref, Teck #4 and was rendered useless.

Pope did his best to lose this game by allowing PU’s Robertson to back down smaller BYU players repeatedly and only tried to run him off with a double once in the second half. He finally put Foos on Robetson and ended that baloney. This game should of been a 20 point blowout but Pope doesn’t care, he got his win.

2 Woods foul trouble cost Portland any shot of winning

3 Robertson is so smart, BYU really has problem with at 6’6 240 scorer. Watch out cause SCU has two of them.

4 BYU out rebounded PU 44-21, mind blowing…and yet PU managed 71

5 BYU was a dismal 68% at the line, George was 1-6 at one time, Yikes

6 Spenc Johnson and Foos were hampered by 2 early fouls (yes, Jim, the WCC officiating was pathetic as usual. They both got it going in the 2nd

7 Portandia had no answer for Foos inside. He demanded a double every time, left BYU shooter wide open for 3s.

8 Robertson had him a very nice game, when this guy figures out that he is not just a 3 point specialist, watch out!

9 Waterman, so disappointing. Atiki was a no show, Williams for some reason was stuck guarding Robertson, IDK why Pope refuses to bring help when it’s soooooo obvious.

10 And the star tonight…Richie Saunders. This kid is a stud. his shooting was deadly but his tenacity at guarding and getting lose balls is amazing.

11 That 23-2 run was something. wowza

Big 12 with Foos, Saunders, Johnson and Hall does not look barren. Add a big center and another point guard, BYU be cooking

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I agree with most. The refs had their moments but it wasn’t a conspiracy against BYU. The big difference was Portland playing back to back. Ran out of gas. Relied mostly on one guy.
The frustrating thing is our pathetic 1st haves. If that happens tonight, season over.

Nobody suggested as much… except you. In the back of your mind you know there is something to it. Anyone who argues so vehemently against something is secretly aware and afraid that it exists. In this game there was no reason for the officials to go after BYU. There were a few bad calls but those happened on both teams. Had BYU lost this game it was clear it would have been on them.

The WCC thing has nothing to do with teams like Portland and others. It only involves BYU because the Cougars have been the only team, besides St. Mary’s, that has challenged Gonzaga for the throne. Unfortunately there are too many peasants, dressed in black and white stripes, that believe in the supreme reign of King Few and the Zags.

Well, you argue for it all the time. So, it must be a defined conspiracy.