Why BYU beat USU in Logan

No easy task, BYU is 3-6 in over the past 12 years

1- Allgeier for President. We would have not won this game without his career night. 3 tds on 208 yds rushing, and a plethora of catches to boot.
Tyler Allgeier goes beast mode in BYU’s 34-20 win over Utah State - Deseret News
2- Cool Hand Luke helps us forget that Hall is out with injured ribs. Romney was having himself another career night when he was bounced on the turf and left at the half. On the 1st half, he hits Sampson Nacua for a 46 yard strike, man he throws a pretty ball.
3- When Romney was sidelined and Conover , our 3rd sting QB comes in, My heart sank, I thought we were in big trouble…Conover, shaky and needs a good hit to settle him down. plays well enough to secure the win.
4- defense plays solid despite Tuiaki’s prepensity to resort back to the “Drop 8, Rush 3” mentality. It don’t work, coach. Geeeeezzzzz. We even tried running a few 12 men on the field a couple of times. Get it through your head…a good QB will pick you apart given enough time.
5- DBs came through big. Malick Moore’s one hand catch is top 3 worthy on ESPN, easy!!!
Johnson’s pic at the end seals the deal. Peasley is no Bonner or this game would have been a nail biter.
6- USU’s QB, Bonner was a stud…with their stud running back, Monroe, on a gimpy leg, Bonner, who was also gimpy, made big plays all night until he hyper extended his knee just trotting off the field, game over. Peasley is not in the same class.
7 Atwater is learning on the fly with Pili out, Leads the team for the second time in tackles.
8- Oldryd is human after all. What a gift it is to BYU .
9- A lot of guys still out and injured…
10- This should be #2 behind Allgeier’s record night, Our OLine deserves all the credit. They carved holes all night and protected QBs all season, The line went Fr, SO, Fr, So, Fr…with 2 starters out…Holy Wowzer.

Artificial turf at Maverik Stadium? Make no sense because too many players get injured when playing at like Boise State and now Utah state. Baylor Romney did he get injured on his head when hitting the turf?

Who will be the QB when facing Boise State next week?

USU 3 down conversion were mine boggling and our DC need to how to fix that problem _ Ridiculous!!!

Hall started the game in street clothes at half time he was dressed up with pads so I know if things became dire he could’ve played. Romney’s injury could be mild to severe we won’t know for a few days but it could well be with an extra day of rest we have all three quarterbacks back

#1. Agreed
#2. In judo, you are taught to tuck the chin when being thrown down, hard. Need to get the QB’s and receivers to take some judo. RB’s do it as they have to.
#3. Conover said in an after-game interview that he had to take the first hit to remember what it’s like. He did well. I would have liked seeing him get out of the pocket a little more and ran a couple of times but I’m sure the coaches didn’t want that.
#4. Agreed. Never works. Middle of the field is always open.
#5. Had Romney been in the second half, we would have scored 50+. Peasley and Conover were pretty much equal last night.
#6. Bonner was accurate for sure. But, it was Peasley that did well against Boise.
#7. We are much deeper this year. With 7 more games in the season, we will have to be deep. Very deep.
#8. Oldryd is good.
#9. Agreed. Need them back next week for sure. What’s with Hall? Put a rib protector on and get out their and play.
#10. Very interesting how well the OL is playing together. Sitaki is doing a great job.

I am hearing that the bruised ribs might have a broken one in there. Hall would like to rest another week to allow it to heal. Hopefully Romney will be good to go by Thursday. Hall might be able to go if Romney isnt. But if Romney isn’t …… Conover might be allowed to run the team with Hall able to come in if he has to. Conover has a lot of upside.

I hope so because I saw nothing in his passes. Boise got beat by Nevada so not sure how good Boise really is. Glad we have them at home.

That is pretty much what my take is…Blaine Fowler in the post game said that Hall had started the game in street clothes but had donned pads to start the 2nd half. I talked to a player about that and he said that, “No, Hall did not suit up” but that he thought the same, cracked rib or ribs but was close to being ready.

It was that one commentator on cbs that said that. Ya, the rib probably was cracked a bit. Put a protective jacket on and play Saturday.

BYU is very conservative about concussion protocols and I believe there is a zero percent chance Romney suits up for BSU and I would not be surprised to see him miss several games. I talked to someone close to the program Sunday and he told me it “doesn’t look good” and it’s a “tough deal” for Romney, but he will be meeting with the medical staff today.

Jaren should be good to go.

DURING the game I was nervous about Conover, but if he had to play a full game I would be fine. We don’t get many players who turn down offers from Alabama, and the kid has a golden arm. I think now that he has the mentality that he is one play away from being “the man,” he will do fine.

Can I get a Halleluiah?

Same… Posted elsewhere that Conover is our QB of the future. Just needs reps.

BSU has not been the same since Harsin left for Auburn. They have leaky lines and their rushing numbers are way down.

Yeah I just spent half an hour analyzing that when I should have been doing my job :-). Perks of being the boss!

I know, I am wasting too much time analyzing, but these are heady times.

I was just thinking, BYU is going to uncork it one of these games and pass for 300 to go with Algeier’s 100+ and 3 TDs.

BYU can’t pass Cinn without a Cinn loss or BYU getting wins over more ranked teams’