Why BYU will beat USF and more

I said it last week that if we could beat a hot ASU team, BYU should be talked about in the top 10 and suddenly, we have three teams ahead of us that can give us breathing room. And if BYU is not ranked in the top 10, just shows all the bias in the world, no team in football has faced 3 P5’s in the first 3 weeks.

USF has a very good Receiver, but an average QB and an average run game. BYU will finally have a game where they can score over 40.

Sounds like a trap game…

Of course we would like to be a top 10 team but that won’t likely happen if ASU and Utah don’t win their games. SDSU beating Utah didn’t help us at all. Arizona is bad and Utah and ASU need to prove that they are decent teams. We will hang out in the #17 area until we get 3 more wins and then we can break the top 12-13. The voters of the CFP will want keep a wary eye on Cincy and BYU because you know that they won’t want both in NYD bowls. BYU has to do its part and WIN and I think we will get a NY6 bowl invite. I also think that the B12 schools will vote for us if we don’t lose from here on out. It would be a really nice pay day while we are still independent! No over confidence and undisciplined play might get us there.

Well, look where ND and Cin started. Well a head of BYU. BYU is now #15. Win the next 3 and see and do it convincingly. Perhaps that will get us into the top 10. Utah and ASU do have to start winning as well.

Agree with everything you wrote except this one thing. Utah losing to SDSU hurt, ASU must win some more games to prove they were a worthy opponent and beating Arizona is looking like a “who cares” win. BYU will have to do a lot to even get a sniff at the top 10. One loss P5 teams will start taking those spots more readily than an undefeated BYU team as the season moves forward. That’s just how it works and there is plenty of evidence to support that. B12 schools might vote for BYU if the opportunity and that is more evidence of the politics and money that run everything, including college football.

You sound almost as cynical about the state of college football as I do, but I do agree. For the right amount of money, P5 college presidents would throw their grandmothers under the bus. BYU is still independent and as such, is unworthy of a NY6 bowl invite. Let’s go crazy and say BYU wins the rest of their games, CONVINCINGLY. Time for a vote to see if they are “in the top ten”. This could be the year, with the help of their new “friends” at the Big 12 that BYU barely squeaks into the top 10 and gets the lowest paid position in a NY6 bowl. Politics and money run everything at this level of college football and if they think it will pay them benefits, it could happen. Let’s hope it does. GO COUGARS!

The reason for where they are is because where they started at the beginning of the season. Which was appropriate because of all the talent lost and question marks coming in. And people in here agreed with that assessment. We have to keep playing well and get even better this coming week to move up.

I agree and I believe we will.

Yeah, that’s great but what is the end goal? Is it to be highly ranked so everyone can say “gee I guess BYU had a decent team this season so maybe they should be in the Big 12”? Honestly, I want to know what the end (realistically speaking) goal is. I just like rooting for them and watching them play because I graduated from there and I loved going to games back in the day right AFTER they won the “national championship”… It was a lot of fun and I enjoy the sport.

Anything beyond that, as far as NY 6 bowl games goes, is not realistic so I see no point in discussing the possibility. Some might think that is a cynical approach but I disagree. It is a realistic approach that allows me to enjoy watching the team play and beat many good teams, including the train wreck that is the Ute team right now. Of course they would be bad in a year BYU beats them… Arizona is already bad and ASU will probably be bad moving forward. Alas, it was still fun beating them.

We keep saying the teams we best are not good. But, maybe they are and we are just better. So, the idea is to keep winning. This week is a trap game. We have to bring our best and blow them out.

Boise State has made it to three New York six games, Hawaii one I guess I could go on but I think Byu has a very realistic chance of being included. Usually teams that have very high rankings and a great record take two or three years to get invited but eventually they bust through

I wouldn’t say that Utah is a crappy team. I would say that they have a lot of very skilled players but their rent running game has faltered this year and their lines are not as stout. And when utah can’t run the ball they are in big trouble and that is what has happened up till this week. The new quarterback is slinging the ball and does offer them hope in the Pac 12. It is interesting to see that bro brewer quit the team the day he was benched. Wah wah

The reason we say that is based on what they do with the rest of their schedule. Yes, BYU was better in those wins but that is kind of independent of what happens afterward. Maybe I can give you some examples so you can understand better. I can’t believe I’m doing this with someone who is supposed to know something about football.

Game 1 - BYU beat Arizona by 8 points. Arizona followed that up with losses to San Diego St. 38-14 and Northern Arizona 21-19. A bad loss to SDSU and a really bad loss to Northern Arizona, who was beaten badly by Sam Houston St and South Dakota. Is it clearing up a little better now?

Game 2 - BYU beat Utah by 9 points. Utah followed that up with a loss to San Diego St. Utah’s only win this season was against Weber State… Does that help a little more?

Game 3 - BYU beat Arizona State by 10 points. At this point in the season this was a great win for BYU and that is why they are ranked 15 now. We have to wait and see how ASU does going forward to know if it is helpful. If ASU wins out that would be ideal for BYU, as long as BYU keeps winning.

Hopefully that helps you out a little. Can anyone else help grasshopper here? I am trying…

So, San Diego State beat two P5 teams. Obviously SDSU is better than thought. Perhaps on par with BYU. Nice to know. Doesn’t mean then that Utah is all that bad. Just means BYU and SDSU are that good. Especially with BYU beating ASU. And beating 2 ranked teams moved up from #38 to #15 in two weeks. Thanks for the clarification…

Respond to every example I gave you… not just the ones you can use to help bolster your position.

BYU is never as good as they think they are, they are proving that tonight against a fairly weak USF team as they cannot stop a true freshman QB with very little experience. They can’t tackle him, they aren’t doing much to blow this game out… USF is scoring at will in the second half.

So they beat three pac 12 teams… big deal. Those teams aren’t that good and the games were all relatively close, just like this game against a USF team that is 1-2.

BYU, never as good as they think they are…

I said that was a trap game. This game isn’t over. Resting too many starters. Poor defense.

What was a trap game? This one?

USF lost to NC State 45-0. That is about what the score of this game should be.

Well, here we are. Up only two scores and BYU can’t score at the 5 yard line. Now, USF on the move. Yes, players being rested and coaches not prepared. (Defense) Trap game…

A trap game is typically against a decent team that has had a close loss or two and is better than their record indicates. That is not USF. It might be next week against Utah State.

This is not a good showing by BYU at home.

We weren’t prepared. Making no adjustments. Injuries piling up. USF wins this game if something doesn’t change.