Why does it seem

Why does it seem that BYU always gets the short end of the stick when there are changes to the schedule. You know who always does it. Utah, Boise St. and several big name teams are always changing the schedule and BYU gets cheated by their willingness to co-operate with ESPN for a good viewing on TV.

Many times for sure with Boise State. They get some bye game before we face them in 5 days while they have some up to two weeks. And onnce Bronco was our coach he would rest his team if we had a bye week.

I like to end playing Utah again in any sports!


I didn’t see this coming until just now. This stinks! Now we play Boise on Thrusday night. We play against Miss State on Friday and now Boise 6 days later. We don’t practice on Sunday, who will be injured and what else? Those players going to have to forget going out on a date or watching any sports except Boise Sate. Tom Holmoe need to step in and say no change unless something is better. This part in the article says “Television plans and kickoff times will be announced at a later date” - This Does Not Make Sense. NO TV TIME SLOT YET! And after that Boise State we get a BYE day next week, this is dumb!

That is what I am talking about. It happens every year.


Good things happen because there are good trade offs.
ESPN gives us a good contract because we are willing to make concessions.
If we were perceived to be hard to deal with, by ESPN, we would not be having the good contract with them.