Why have we not seen Tanner in a game yet?

I was under the impression that Tanner Mangum had burned his red shirt year before the mission and that he was wasting his Sophomore year watching Hill stink up the airways. Turns out I am wrong and that he “gray shirted” his pre mission year.

Per Wikipedia:
"Redshirt, in United States college athletics, is a delay or suspension of an athlete’s participation in order to lengthen his or her period of eligibility. Typically, a student’s athletic eligibility in a given sport is four seasons, a number derived from the four years of academic classes that are normally required to obtain a bachelor’s degree at an American college or university. However, in a redshirt year, student athletes may attend classes at the college or university, practice with an athletic team, and dress for play but may not compete in games. Using this mechanism, a student athlete has up to five academic years to use the four years of eligibility, thus becoming a fifth-year senior.
The origin of the term redshirt was likely from Warren Alfson of the University of Nebraska who, in 1937, asked to practice but not play and wore a Nebraska redshirt without a number. The term is used as a verb, noun, and adjective. For example, a coach may choose to redshirt a player who is then referred to as a redshirt, and a redshirt freshman refers to an athlete in the first year of eligibility.

Athletes may also use a “grayshirt” year in which they attend school, but cannot enroll as a full-time student, and do not receive a scholarship for that year. This means that they are an unofficial member of the team and do not participate in practices, games, or receive financial assistance from their athletic department. Typically, grayshirts are players who are injured right before college and require an entire year to recuperate. Rather than waste the redshirt, the player can attend school as a part-time regular student and join the team later. This is also used by players with religious or military obligations that keep them out of school for a full academic year."

Would he have made a difference in the losses this year?
Mangum’s QBR 70, for his first and only year.
Hill’s 2016, QBR 61, for a 5th year senior.
Hill’s 2015, QBR 70
2014, QBR 86.5
2013, QBR 70
2012, QBR 76.4
To be fair to Hill, he has faced 4 very tough P5 teams and has yet to play any cup cakes. Tanner did not fair well against the likes of Michigan (the game they allowed their d backs to arm bar our receivers), Utah, 3 interceptions in 5 minutes, Missouri, ouch but saved the day in the Nebraska and BSU games. I personally think Tanner would be sitting 4-0 but I think that Sitake and Detmer felt they were obligated to go with Hill and why not, he was an amazing athlete, a winner and you always need two good QBs, best scenario before the season started. Now we are calling for Hill to be benched, he has lost a step, his “touch” is non existent and we are not a treat on mid or long passes. So why have we not seen Mangum? This season is shot, we are longer in any conversation nationally, and the Big 12 seems like a distant dream.

All I can come up with is that they are red shirting Mangum and want him for 3 good years. If Tanner is a NFL talent, and I think he is, his window is shrinking. His draft stock plummets with every year he gets older. To be a co mvp along with Winston as the best QB in the nation and not play for 3 years is a joke to me and mismanagement of Mangum’s future.
With as good as our defense has been playing, BYU could have been in plenty of conversations and here we sit.

What say you?

We are playing to make the coaches record even more dismal or grey instead of black.

Hmmm…Winston and Magnum viewed as equals, the two best prep QBs in the land. One is in the NFL and one is sitting on the bench, having starred for one year and now been off the field for three.

During the Edwards years it was the coaching staff’s philosophy that new QBs needed a year on the bench in order to better learn the system. Granted, both Hill and Mangum are learning a new system this year, but I’m guessing Detmer has the same philosophy and believes Mangum is benefitting from this. Again, I’m just guessing.

Now watch the coaches make a complete fool out of me and put him in.

This may be a bold prediction but I’m not sure that we will see Mangum use up all three years of eligibility even if he is red-shirted this year. Good QBs get on the NFL radar pretty early in their college careers. If Tanner comes out of the chute on fire next year and BYU has the magical season we have been waiting for 10+ years, he may just move on to the NFL. Why play and risk a career-ending injury? Why push your NFL career back another year when you are already old by NFL standards? I know circumstances can change and injuries can derail long-term plans but I think Tanner is an NFL talent and if he doesn’t use up all three years of his eligibility, it just means he’s had an outstanding college career we should all appreciate.

As for this year, I agree with Fish that the chance of a magical season is long gone. I have already gone through the “morning stage” that happens when that realization hits. I tell myself that I’ll keep my expectations in check until after the 4th game of the season but I still find myself disappointed with the first few losses. At this point, I just want to see the team get better each week. I am content to see the coaches stay firmly behind Hill and see what he can make of the rest of the season.

Not sure I would characterize his first season in this way, but he did have his moments. He had some growing pains and there is really no excuse for some of the things Hill has done so far this season. He is a step slow, he is indecisive at times, he is inaccurate on his long throws, he lacks touch on his short throws… yes, there are issues.

But this is something nobody has mentioned… it wouldn’t be a BYU football season without controversy and second guessing. This is the team we root for and none of us should be surprised. We’ve been down this road so many times that we know every pothole and speed bump along the way. :cry:


In other words, Hill beat out Mangum in fall practice. Enough said.

Well, Hill is like that in the slow down offense. But, when we have gone to hurry up he has made great passes and ran like Hill of old. So, perhaps the controversy needs to center around Detmer and encourage him to run a more hurry up rhythm offense.

Jim: “We’ve been down this road so many times that we know every pothole and speed bump along the way.”

Me: And that is the real problem, we have been down this road over and over and over and over and over. We keep waiting for the special breakout year . . . and . . . you know what, it’s never gonna come. NEVER. Not as long as we stay independent or go back to a G5 conference. And I think our chances of getting into the Big 12 is so low it’s light can be hidden under a thimble. And the Big 12’s chances of staying a conference is as shaky as a not quite jelled bowl of Jello. So just sit back and watch the games with out all this high fallutin expectations.