Why is Taylor's backhand hit excused?

No one is talking about it except in here. And Taylor is a liar. The coach said he heard Emery say “stay down.” Yet, Taylor says Emery said something really vulgar. Which is it? Someone’s lying. Taylor because he knows he hit first.

Apparently, you can intentionally scratch your opponent, however your opponent can’t do anything about it.

Taylor needs to now apologize too or be suspended for the backhand. And, for the lie about what Emery said to him.

Well Coach Rose did not think it was “Defending yourself” as you claims… Stop making excuses for bad behavior Scott…


From looking at this video, it looks like Taylor was trying to find where Emery was (Taylor eyes were not on Emery, but looking at the player with the ball) and Emery Sucker punched him for hitting him in the neck…

In my opinion it is simple: While yes, Taylor hit Emery in the neck which can hurt, it was not intentional because Taylor was NOT even looking at Emery when he did it…

I think Emery lost control for a split second and responding to the hit with a sucker punch… Do I think Emery is a dirty player? No, but I think Rose reaction tells the tell if it was “warranted” action… NOT!

I don’t think anyone believes it is warranted. I for one do not think it is every justified to intentionally hit an opponent during a game.
I think it was provoked. I think it was intentionally provoked and then once provoked, it was over-dramatized to appear worse than it was. As shown in the picture above with Haws, Taylor is skilled at finding ways to get away with physically assaulting his opponents. In this case, the video that everyone is looking at looks worse than reality. If you look carefully at the angle from behind the shooter, it is unclear that the punch ever landed. It is also clear that if the punch did land, it was not in the face and there wasn’t enough follow through to knock Taylor off his feet.
Is it warranted to attempt to punch an opponent if the punch does not land, no it is not. Should he be suspended for one game because he attempted to punch an opponent, yes he should.
Does Taylor owe Emery an apology, yes he does.

Of course he would. Duh!
But, once again, your interpretation of what is taking place in the video is way off. Taylor was looking directly at Emery and knew exactly where his head was when he looked at the ball. See man see ball defensive position. No reason for his hand to be up.

The other thing you failed at seeing is Emery never looked directly at Taylor. He too was looking at the ball when stuck in the neck head area. His reaction was what people do when being attacked. They defend. Purely reactionary and thus only a one game suspension.

I watched the video a few times early yesterday and it looked really bad on the part of Emery at first. I went back and watched it again and noticed the Taylor backhand. Who knows what else had gone on before the incident? Emery should have flopped after the backhand and made Taylor look bad, he’ll learn next time. Emery is a freshman and Taylor is a veteran and apparently a master instigator as evidenced by his past history.

Secondly Taylor wasn’t hit that hard and he flopped. The punch looked didn’t look like much. It looked like he didn’t even completely follow through on it. Too bad it wasn’t an NHL game and both players would have landed in the penalty box. Emery for throwing a punch and Taylor for flopping. In the NHL flopping gets you 2 minutes in the penalty box. Taylor’s flop was a classic. At any rate Emery needs to sit a game, but the incident isn’t as bad as it is being made out to be. Imagine that, fighting in a heated sports event, I’ll bet Wednesday night was the first time that has ever happened.

Judging by some of the reaction to this minor incident you would think this is Kermit Washington/Rudy Tomjanovich II. Go watch the YouTube video on that one if you want an example a vicious sucker punch.

Exactly! You are right on!

Did you see the video I linked SCOTT?

Seriously are you blind? He was moving along with Emery, then at the last moment right before Emery punch, Taylor turns to look at the ball handler and move his hand up back to feel for where Emery is…

How you can say he was looking straight at him is beyond me… Talk about being blinded by fandom…

uh Scott, Emery was looking directly forward which happened to be right where Taylor was standing… So yea… he did saw Taylor clearly when he made the punch…

Sorry dude… Take the blue glasses off…

you are wrong about the affect of the punch… being blindsided has more affect on people than you might realize.

You’re talking to a 45 year martial arts expert here. That was nothing more than a set up by Taylor with a great acting job followed up with an even greater acting job by Utards coach! A punch to the stomach and Taylor acts like he was punched in the head.

I guess some people can’t even conceive of the fact that one of BYU’ players could do something like this. These excuses are puerile nonsense. I was so shocked when I saw it that I stopped and re-watched it about 10 times. I even watched it in slow motion. The Utah player did nothing whatsoever to provoke that kind of viciousness. The most he could have done is say something. Emery is a poor loser, or at least he was in this instance. Stop defending the indefensible.

Are you using braile to review? It’s completely obvious that Taylor backhanded Emery. There is a cut on his neck from it as well. Your response is simply nonsense. Taylor provoked Emery. No punch would have happened had Taylor not hit him. There was no reason for Taylor to be raising his hand except to hit Emery. Raising his hand like that is not a basketball move.

No one is excusing Emery’s punch. But, the reason he received only 1 game suspension is because it is obvious to the non-blind that Taylor provoked the punch by backhanding Emery. And, watch it a few more times and you will also notice that Taylor was punched in the gut, not the head. Taylor is a good faker and perhaps next time, Emery will do the flopping and acting job.

I have to just come right out and say it Grasshopper. You have to be one of the stupid and most bigoted person I have ever come across. I still love you though. Let’s assume the thing you think happened actually did happen (which it didn’t.) Would this give Eniry carte blanche to do what we can all see he did? Yep. That’s would Jesus would do. You amaze me :slight_smile:

Love is blind and so are your eyes. Taylor struck Emery and Emery reacted instinctively. He had no time to think what Jesus would do.
And, where is the evidence of bigotry? Oh, because Taylor is black. So, to the liberal mind, supporting Emery automatically makes one racist. Do you understand how racist and bigoted that sounds about you? But I love you too.
Why do demorat liberals alway try to shame white people when we should say the black person is guilty? Taylor was guilty of provoking the punch by back handing Emery. Emery was wrong. But because he was hit first, mercy is tempering justice and Emery gets only a game suspension.

No, not because the player was black. I actually hadn’t thought of that, but I’m not surprised you did. I use that label because you are one of those people who seems to believe that a different standard applies to yourself and the people on 'your sid’e than to everyone else. You just don’t seem capable of viewing the world fairly, because anyone on your side has special privileges that those nasties on the other side (say liberals) just aren’t worthy of. I shouldn’t have used that word, but I just "reacted and didn’t have time to think of what Jesus would do. " See how silly that sounds when coming from some evil commie liberal that isn’t up to snuff? Keep doing what you do. I get a kick out of reading your posts. :slight_smile:

Oh, so I pegged you accurately. Only demorat liberals believe that life must be about fairness. That’s exactly what Obama believes too.
Life is not about fairness. There is nothing fair about this world and it was intended not to be from the beginning. It was intended to have opposing ideas and viewpoints. But, nothing says I have to agree with evil. Even the atonement won’t have any affect upon those who refuse to believe in Christ.
Yes, you had time to react to what I wrote. At least 30 minutes. Emery had a split second. Not even a close resemblance.
No, the only bigot so far is the one who attempts to shame free speech and thought. That would be Obama and you :smile:
But keep on chatting!

Apparently you haven’t played a lot of basketball or maybe any other sports. Players don’t just punch another player for no reason. I’m sure this situation had been building throughout the game and yes, Taylor put his hand back into Emery’s face just before Emery punched him, in the stomach. Did that make Emery’s punch ok? No, it didn’t. It was still wrong. But to say there was no reason for him to do it and nothing provoked it shows that you weren’t watching the entire game or you haven’t played much yourself.

You know these kinds of things happen all the time. But that doesn’t make it okay, Emery should not have done what he did.

I heard from several Utes fans (yes there are some that are rational) that the game was pretty “rough”… They thought maybe something in the plays prior to the punch…

Just thought that even some Ute fans thought their was more to the story.